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+++++ RTD.DDG3.G.5 ITER
Head of Unit Mr    Andrea CARIGNANI DI NOVOLI
Deputy Head of Unit
Policy Officer
Policy Officer - Administrative/Policy Officer
Assistant Policy Officer
Policy Officer
Member of Commission staff
Legal Officer
Scientific / Technical Project Officer
Research Programme Officer - Scientific/Administrative Officer
Planning and Programming Officer - Scientific
Secretary - to the Head of Unit
Policy Officer - Administrative/Policy Officer
++++++ RTD.DDG3.G.5.001 "Broader Approach" Agreement
Head of Sector - Head of Sector "Broader Approach Agreements" Mr    D. O'BRIEN
Secretary - to Broader Approach Sector
Scientific / Technical Support Officer
++++++ RTD.DDG3.G.5.99 Efda-Iter
Scientific / Technical Project Officer - ITER Project Departement
Coil Designer
Scientific / Technical Project Officer - Theoretical/ computational physicist for fusion plasma research in the Association Euratom- CEA
Safety Analysis Technical Officer
Structural engineer
Senior Mechanical Engineer (Vessel and In-Vessel Systems)
ITER Remote Handling Engineer (Design & Integration)
Diagnostic Physicist in ITER - Diagnostics Division
Senior Technical Officer for Electron Cyclotron Heating & Current Drive
Neutral Beam Integration & Control Engineer
Member of Commission staff
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