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++++ EMPL.G.4 Information Technologies
Head of Unit Mr    Octavian PURCAREA
Deputy Head of Unit - Deputy Head of Unit
IT Project Manager - WAVE project
Information Resources Manager (IRM) - IRM Infrastructure and service Manager
IT Project Manager - Information systems Quality Manager
Financial Assistant - Budget management
IT Project Manager - Security Officer
IT Service Officer
IT Project Officer - ESCO project
Information Systems Support Officer - Service Manager (SFC 2007, DEFIS, A-REP, Meetings, SFC 2014, AGORA)
IT Project Manager - SFC2007
IT Project Manager
IT Project Manager - EURES, EURES 2020
IT Project Manager - EESSI
IT Service Officer - Service officer for EURES, EESSI, DEFIS
Financial Assistant - Financial and Contract Assistant
Local Informatics Security Officer (LISO); Data Protection Officer (DPO); Data Protection Co-ordinator (DPC);
Administrative Agent
IT Strategy & Planning Manager - SFC 2007-2014, DEFIS
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