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Consult this level detail in the organisational chart ++ DEVCO:Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid
+++ DEVCO.DGA1:Deputy Director General Policy and Thematic Coordination (Dir A, B & C)
+++ DEVCO.DGA2:Deputy Director General Geographic Coordination (Dir D, E, F, G & H)
+++ DEVCO.ASS:DG Assistants
+++ DEVCO.PA01:Principal Adviser
+++ DEVCO.DET:Seconded Managers and Advisers
+++ DEVCO.DG:Reporting directly to the Director-General
+++ DEVCO.A:EU Development Policy
+++ DEVCO.B:Human and Society Development
+++ DEVCO.C:Sustainable Growth and Development
+++ DEVCO.D:East and Southern Africa and ACP Coordination
+++ DEVCO.E:West and Central Africa
+++ DEVCO.F:Neighbourhood
+++ DEVCO.G:Latin America and Caribbean
+++ DEVCO.H:Asia, Central Asia, Middle East/Gulf and Pacific
+++ DEVCO.R:Resources and Centre of Gravity of Human Resources in Delegations
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