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++++ ESTAT.F.4 Quality of life
Head of Unit - Quality of Life ean-Louis MERCY
Secretary - to the Head of Unit
Team Leader - EU-Income, Social Inclusion and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)
Statistical Officer - EU-SILC: Head of project - dissemination and data analysis
Statistical Assistant - EU-SILC: Quality
Statistical Officer - EU-SILC: Head of project - microdata production
Statistical Assistant - EU-SILC: Tool development, Data checking (database) and PDB
Statistical Assistant - EU-SILC: Data checking (database)
Statistical Officer - EU-SILC: Data analysis and Indicator development
Statistical Assistant - EU-SILC: Data checking (database), UDB, External requests and User support
Statistical Officer - SILC process
Statistical Officer - Laboratory for developments in cross-cutting statistical domains
Team Leader - Crime and criminal justice statistics
Statistical Officer - Time use survey
Statistical Assistant - Data integration
Statistical Officer - Consumption data
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