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Consult this level detail in the organisational chart ++ SJ:Legal Service
+++ SJ.ASS1:Assistant to the Director-General, Legal Coordination
+++ SJ.ASS2:Assistant to the Director-General, Legal Coordination
+++ SJ.RHIF:Human Resources, IT and Finance
+++ SJ.DDG1:DEPUTY DIRECTOR-GENERAL (In charge of Quality of Legislation (direction K), Infringements and Information)
+++ SJ.DDG2:DEPUTY DIRECTOR-GENERAL (In charge of institutional questions)
+++ SJ.A:AFFAIR Team (Establishment, services, business law, movement of capital, transport, intellectual property and information society)
+++ SJ.B:AGRI Team (Agriculture and fisheries)
+++ SJ.C:AIDE Team (State aids and dumping)
+++ SJ.D:BUDG Team (Budget, Customs, Taxation)
+++ SJ.E:CONC Team (Competition)
+++ SJ.F:INST Team (Institutions)
+++ SJ.G:JLS Team (Justice, freedom and security, private law and criminal law)
+++ SJ.H:MIME Team (Internal market for goods, energy including Euratom; enterprise; customs union; environment)
+++ SJ.I:CFSP Team (CFSP and External relations)
+++ SJ.J:SOC Team (Employment and social affairs, education and culture, health and consumer protection)
+++ SJ.L:TRADE Team - (Trade Policy and WTO)
+++ SJ.M:Team ECS (European Civil Service Law)
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