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++++ ENTR.E.1 Tourism Policy
Administrative Agent
Head of Unit Miss  Francesca TUDINI
Policy Officer - Development of Sustainable Tourism. Project Manager for the preparatory action Sustainable Tourism. Organisation of TAC meetings
Policy Officer - Implementation of the Tourism Communication 2010
Policy Officer - POLICY OFFICER - International affairs, external aspects, in particular relations with China, MED countries, and visa policy
Policy Officer - Strenghtening Knowledge and Competitiveness of the sector. Project Manager "European Quality Label" project.
Policy Officer - Support to planning and management activities
Policy Officer - TASK MANAGER - relations with third countries and international organisations, external aspects, especially ADS, fight against the child sex tourism
Deputy Head of Unit
Policy Officer - Implementation of the European Destinations of excellence action
Administrative Assistant
Secretary - to the Head of Unit
Secretary - to the Unit
Administrative Agent
Policy Officer - Development of Cultural Tourism. Organisation of the European Tourism Day.
Policy Officer - Indicators on sustainable tourism. Charter on a responsible and sustainable tourism. Tourism Sustainability Group.
Policy Officer - Responsible for the implementation of projects for the development of Social Tourism. Project management and follow up of Member States' policies.
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