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++++ ENTR.A.2 International Affairs and Missions for Growth
Head of Unit acting
Administrative Coordination Assistant
Budget Assistant - Budget coordination A2 and financial procedures - Trade defence instruments administration
Assistant Policy Officer - Turkey - Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) - European Economic Area (EEA)
Policy Officer - Euro-mediterranean coordination - Maghreb - Mashrek
Policy Officer - Southeast Asia - WTO, Doha Round, TBT disputes, rules - Trade plicy, Regulatory dilaogues - TPC/STIS/GICE interservice group - Trade-related customs/tax issues
Secretary - Unit support
Administrative Assistant - to the Head of Unit
Assistant Policy Officer - European Business Organisations in Third Countries and regional cooperation - Trade-related customs/tax issues - United Nations
Policy Officer - India - ASEAN - South and South-East Asia - Pacific
Secretary - to the Unit
Administrative Coordination Assistant - Unit support and communication
Policy Officer - Multilateral and bilateral relations with Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries; Coordinator of EaP Platform 2 on Economic Integration and Convergence with EU Policies
Policy Officer - Mercosur, Central America, Andean Community, EPAs - Africa, ACP - External Dimension of the Lisbon Strategy/Market Access
Policy Officer - SME internationalisation; industrial policy; EU 2020; Programmes CIP, COSME, H2020, Partnership Instrument
Deputy Head of Unit
Policy Officer - Japan / EU-Japan Centre - Trade Defense Instruments - EU-Korea FTA
Assistant Policy Officer - Trade Defense Instruments - Missions for Growth
Policy Officer
Policy Officer - SME internationalisation; industrial policy; EU 2020; Programmes CIP, COSME, H2020, Partnership Instrument
Policy Officer - SME internationalisation, impact assessment studies, Public procurement, investment, growth missions, G8/G20, desk officer Israel
Assistant Policy Officer - Euro-Med, Middle East,North Africa, GCC (Golf Countries cooperation)
Policy Officer - Canada - USA - Regulatory Cooperation (High Level Forum)
Administrative Agent
Administrative Agent
Policy Officer - Policy Officer - China
Policy Officer - Russia - Enlargement coordination - Turkey/Policy - Eastern Partnership Bilaterals : Ukraine, Moldova
Secretary - Unit support
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