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Search by name

Copy of the 'search by name' screen

 With the tab SEARCH BY NAME, you can look for a person. Use the different fields of the form to add specifications. The search by the name field is required. Enter at least the five first letters of the name. The search target can be a particular DG. In this case you select the DG in the list menu. You can refine the search by a restriction to a direction or a unit in particular.

 Two fields are reserved to a full text search about job descriptions. So you can choose one or two words representatives for the job descriptions you are looking for. Ex. competition / law. Remember that the job description can be written in french or in english.

 Choose a sorting method for the results (by name, first name, DG, direction, unit).

 Launch the search with the SEARCH button. The DELETE button erases the data in the form fields.

Copy of the 'search by name' screen

 In the result page, there is a four column table with the name, the Direction-General, the directorate and the unit. The information in this table help you to select the searched person. Each element of the table is an hyperlink to navigate to detailed information. As for the name is concerned, the link points to the administrative data of the person.

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