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Search by key-word

Copy of the 'search by keyword' screen

 With the SEARCH BY KEY WORD tab, you can look for data using full text functionnalities. The search can be reduced to a DG and a direction.

 Three fields are available for the search. You can use one, two or three fields. In that case, the search engine will use the OR operator: the search will be enlarged to the recordings containing one word or all the words. For exemple, if you enter the key word "specialist" in the first field and the key word "network" in the second field, you will obtain all the results including "specialist", all the results including "network" and all the results including both of these words. If you want to specify your search, you can enter one or more key words in the same field, but they must be separated by the AND operator. For exemple, a search with the key words "specialist" AND "ict" will include only the records with both of these words. You can complete this search by adding another key word in another field, the "network" word for exemple. In that case, the result of such a search will include the records with the two first key words, the records with the "network" word and all the results with the three words.

 Launch the search with the SEARCH button. The DELETE button erases the data in the form fields.


Copy of the 'search by keyword' screen

 The result page is the list of the jobs corresponding to the request. Hyperlinks help you to navigate to the job or to the unit for each result.

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