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Search functionalities in the Commission Directory


The tabs SEARCH BY NAME, SEARCH BY ORGANISATION CHART and SEARCH BY KEYWORD have different functionalities.

With the search by organisation chart you travel around in the Commission organisation chart tree. You can go down to a specific DG. With the icon detail you obtain the complete list of a direction or of a DG in regards to your position in the tree. Use this search mode when you know at least partly the affectation of the person your are looking for or when you want informations about an entire DG or unit.

With the search by name, you have at your disposal some fields to insert your request specifications: name, first name, administrative adress (building, floor, office, phone number) and the job description. You can launch a search from several fields to refine the results.

With the search by keyword, you can launch a search with one or more keywords following the boolean operators principle AND and OR. It's a full text search. It can be completed by the mention of a DG and / or a direction to refine the search.

 Search on the partial form of a word (only available for organisational entities)

The search can be launched from a complete word or from the beginning of a word. If you enter for exemple "documentation", the search will include all the results with the word "documentation" in the concerned field. If you enter "doc", the search will include all the words starting with "doc": "documentation", "documentalist", "documents"...

 The boolean operators AND and OR

In the SEARCH BY KEYWORD tab, three fields are available to use the OR operator and enlarge the search to the records with one of the words or all the words. So, if you enter the word "secretary" in the first field, and the word "archives" in the second field, you will obtain all the results with "secretary", all the results with "archives" and all the results with both of these words.

Copy of the 'search by keyword' screen

 If you want to refine your search, you can enter one or two keywords in the same field on condition that they are separated by the AND operator. For exemple, a search with the keywords "secretary" AND "archives" will include only the records where there are both of these words.

Copy of the 'search by keyword' screen

 You can also take advantage of the two types of operators.

Copy of the 'search by keyword' screen

 The ignored words

The search on blank words with a weak semantic importance (a, the, le, la, les, he...) has no interest and can slow down the process by reducing the interest and the precision of the search.

 The capital letters, the small letters, the accents and the special characters

The search in the Commission Directory doesn't care about accents and other special characters (cedilla, spanish tilde, german umlaut, %, & ...). Moreover, the search doesn't care about the upper-case and lower-case letters.

 The sorting

The results are sorted by DG with the protocol requirement. The results with two hyperlinks are relative to persons. The results with only one hyperlink are relative to organisational entity.

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