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Important legal notice
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Warning: The use of this information for direct-marketing purposes or unauthorised publication is illegal.


This document describes the European Commission enforcement of legal rules about:

(1) Protection of the site visitors' privacy
(2) Protection of the data subjects' privacy

(1) Specific Privacy statement concerning the visitors of this site

This privacy statement explains the how the European Commission handles personal data of Internet visitors to Commission Directory, and, more specifically, the measures taken to protect the privacy of these data.
The visitors to web site "Commission Directory" are not required to login or identify themselves in any other way. Therefore a simple visit to this web site does not leave any personal trace on the Commission records.
The webmaster of Europa may process the hits on the web log to try to determine the duration of the visit, its origin (in a broad geographical context) and other characteristics of the connection, for statistical/debugging purposes only. The main objective of statistics collection is improvement of the service.
Visitors who choose to use the "Contact" button in the banner are offered the chance to send an e-mail to the Commission. Whenever they do so, the Commission is obviously able to capture the visitor's e-mail address. This e-mail address will not be disseminated outside the boundaries of the service dealing with each particular "Contact" mail. It will be kept in this service e-mail archives, only as a reference for further correspondence/audit and it will be deleted after termination of the legal period for conservation of electronic documents.

Contact Information
Visitors have the following means to address their questions or complaints to the Commission concerning privacy policy:

The first level of contact is the functional mailbox staffdir@ec.europa.eu. This mailbox is managed by the Commission unit charged with  controller's responsibility in relation to the Commission Directory data.

The controller unit, whose head is Frederic Fimeyer, ensures that the transfer and processing of personal data —  from their source databases up to the Commission Directory —  is performed within the Data Protection constraints established by Regulation (EC) No 45/2001.

Further to the above, the following instances can be addressed with respect to Personal Data Protection issues:

The Data Protection Officer of the European Commission
Secretariat General of the European Commission
B-1049 Brussels Belgium

The communications choices available are either by ordinary mail to the above quoted address by making use of the some of foreseen contact facilities whose list can be accessed by action on the button "Contact", under the banner of every page of the Commission Directory.

(2) Legal Clause on personal Data Protection concerning this site's data subjects.

In the context of transparency of a modern public administration, the following web pages offer an interactive electronic service for the retrieval of contact data of officials of the European Commission.
As this contact data contains individuals' personal data, its publishing falls within the provisions of European Parliament and Council Regulation No (EC) 45/2001 on the protection of personal data by the Community institutions.
These individuals' personal data shall only be used for legitimate reasons, i.e. to contact officials at the European Commission for matters related to their function.
Therefore processing in a way incompatible with this purpose (such as further transmission, further publication, direct marketing and requests for information, which differ from the matters indicated) is illegal and liable to applicable legislation.

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