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About the Commission Directory online


This is a pilot project, the purpose of which is to enable users to identify appropriate contact persons. This is reflected both in the content and the presentation of the Directory, which is based on an existing reference tool, widely used by staff within the Institution.

While it is an internal working tool, the administration of the Commission has decided to make its Directory available to the general public as one of the many measures being taken to increase transparency and bring the Commission closer to the citizens.

You will see that much of the information is displayed in a mixture of the internal working languages of the Institution (English, French and German).

Those users seeking full EU multilingual facilities covering information concerning staff of all EU Institutions (including the Commission) in managerial positions only should refer to IDEA - The Electronic Directory of the European Institutions, provided by the The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

At present, the Commission Directory contains a brief job title describing the function of each member of staff. The Commission is currently reviewing these job titles where appropriate in order to make them more meaningful for members of the public. The new job titles will be progressively made available on this Directory.

Contacting the Commission by e-mail

In order to protect the Commission against serious risks posed by the sending of unsolicited e-mails (spamming), and other forms of attack (viruses, etc.), the e-mail addresses of individual members of staff are not available. Members of the public wishing to contact Commission staff by e-mail should either contact the person in question by telephone to request his/her addresses, or send an e-mail to the "Contact" mailbox available on this website.

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