Tools & materials

#BeActive communications tools and EWoS Organisational Toolbox are free for use by partners, stakeholders and national coordinators to help promote the European Week of Sport and complement their own promotional activities.


#BeActive Communications Handbook

The campaign handbook of the European Week of Sport provides information and guidance on the central elements of the #BeActive communication campaign, and on tools and materials that can be freely used by partners and other stakeholders to help promote the Week – and their own initiatives – to the public, media and other target audiences around Europe.

The tools and materials in this handbook can be adapted and tailored to suit the communication needs of supporters of the Week at national, regional or local level.


Organisational Toolbox

The European Week of Sport organisational toolbox is designed to assist any actor in the European Union and beyond organise and participate in the European Week of Sport. It provides national and local stakeholders with the necessary tools and instruments to make their work and ultimately the EWoS a success in their countries, namely:

The EWoS Organisational Toolbox is made by practitioners for practitioners and draws on the experiences of already existing weeks of sport, good practices and other related programmes and events in Sport for All and physical activity.

The EWoS Organisational Toolbox comes from a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Sport Programme, led by TAFISA – The Association For International Sport for All, with the support of nine transnational partners.

This toolbox is subject to further developments and improvements within the next weeks and months.

A handbook of recommendations for organising the EWoS for National Coordinating Bodiespdf(2.04 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

A handbook on organising and participating in the EWoS, including communication tips, for local stakeholderspdf(1.79 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

Four handbooks containing recommendations and good practices dedicated to the four EWoS focus days:

Educationpdf(2.31 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

Outdoorspdf(2.67 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

Sport Clubs and Fitness Centrespdf(1.92 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

Workplacepdf(1.21 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

A Manual to organise a new transnational event, the #BeActive Challenge, at national and local levels. (Coming soon...)

#BeActive campaign handbook