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Preparatory actions - 2013

The 2013 call for proposals of the Preparatory Action was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 26 April 2013 . The deadline for applications was 19 July. In total, 135 applications were received. Following the evaluation, the Commission decided to finance 15 projects with a total amount of € 2.8 million. The 15 selected projects cover the three areas of this year's call for proposals:

  • Strengthening of good governance and dual careers in sport through support for the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff of non-profit sport organisations.
  • Protecting athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions.
  • Promoting traditional European sports and games.

The projects will be implemented between the January 2013 and mid-2015.

 See also 2012 Preparatory Action Projects


Area 1. "Strengthening of good governance and dual careers in sport through support for the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff of non-profit sport organisations": 6 projects

European leadership devolution project

Project EAC/S03/2013/015 -Description of the Project
pdf(3.25 Mb)
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Beneficiary: Rugby League European Federation, based in the UK
Maximum grant:  195.855,00 EUR

  1. Belgian Rugby League Association, BRLA- BE
  2. Czech Rugby League Association, CZRLA- CZ
  3. Dansk Rugby League Forbund, DRLF- DK
  4. Rugby Football League, RFL- UK
  5. Federation Française de Rugby à Treize, FFRXIII- FR
  6. Rugby League Deutschland, RLD - FI
  7. Committee to Establish a Hellenic Rugby League Federation, CHRLF - GR
  8. Hungarian Rugby League Federation, HRLF - HU
  9. Rugby League Ireland, RLI- IE
  10. Federazione Italiana Rugby League, FIRL- IT
  11. Latvian Rugby League Federation, LRL- LV
  12. Malta Rugby League, MRL- MT
  13. Nederlandse Rugby League Bond, NRLB- NL
  14. Polska Rugby XIII, PRXIII- PL
  15. Scotland Rugby League, SRL- UK
  16. Svensk Rugby League Forening, SWRL, SE
  17. Wales Rugby League, WRL- UK

Private third-parties:

Rugby League International Federation Limited, Australia

€ 69.711,00 (21%)

Duration of the project: 01/01/2014 – 30/06/2015


Make a European Splash by educating the staff of Swimming Federations

Project EAC/S03/2013/016 -Description of the Projectpdf(498 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 
Beneficiary:Koninklijke Nederlandse Zwembond-KNZB

 1. Fédération Française de Natation, FFN- FR

 2. British Swimming Ltd, GB

 3. Deutscher Schwimm-Verband e.V., DSV- DE

 4. Dansk Svømmenunion, SVØM-DK

 5. Ligue européenne de natation, LEN- LU

Duration of the project: 01/01/2014 – 30/06/2015



Improving player associations support for dual careers

Project EAC/S03/2013/017 - Description of the Project
pdf(319 kB)
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Beneficiary: European Elite Athletes Association (EEAA), based in the Netherlands
Maximum grant:194.038,00 EUR


  1. Syndicat National des Basketteurs, FR
  2. Association des Jouers Professionnels de Handball, FR,
  3. Professional Cricketers Association, the UK
  4. Dutch Athletes Association-NL Sporter, the NL
  5. Hellenic Professional Volleyball Players Association, GR
  6. Gaellic Player Association, IE,
  7. Union National des Footballeurs Professionnels, FR
  8. Lietuvos Krepsinio Profesine Sajunga Solidarumas, LT
  9. Gemeinschaftliche Organisation fuer alle Lizenzhandballer in Deutschland e.V., DE
  10. Provale, FR
  11. Sindikat sportnikov Slovenije, SI
  12. Handbold Spiller Foreningen, DK
  13. GIBA, IT
  14. The Rugby Player Association, the UK
  15. Irish Rugby Union Players Association, IE
  16. Sveriges Ishockeyspelares Centralorganisation, SE.
  17. Associacion baloncestistats profesionales, SP
  18. Asociacion de jugadores de balonmano, SP
  19. Asociacion de jugadores de futbol sala, SP

Duration of the project: 1/01/2014-31/01/2015


North‐East parasport Exchange: effective management, good governance and human resource development in parasport

Project EAC/S03/2013/036 - Description of the Project
pdf(1.04 Mb)
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Beneficiary: Deutsche Sport Hochschule Köln, Germany
Maximum grant: 159.048,00 EUR

  1. European Paralympic Committee, AT
  2. Danish Paralympic Committee, DK
  3. Estonian Paralympic Committee, EE
  4. Latvian National Paralympic Committee, LV
  5. Lithuania Paralympic Committee, LT
  6. SPIN Sport Innovation, Köln, DE
  7. European Women in Sport, the UK
  8. Mykolas Romeris University, LT

Duration of the Project: 01/01/2014-30/06/2015


Networks of Knowledge

Project EAC/S03/2013/043 - Description of the Project
pdf(188 kB)
Beneficiary: Sport Aid Trust and the Talented Athlete Supporting Scheme TASS, UK
Maximum grant: 240.000,00 EUR


  1. Verein Karriere Danach, AT
  2. INSEP, FR
  3. Swedish Sports Confederation, SE
  4. Suomen Olympiakomitea ry / Finnish Olympic Committee, FI
  5. Irish Institute of Sport, IE
  6. CTO Amsterdam / Topsport Amsterdam, the NL

Duration of the project: 06/01/2014-30/06/2015


World Cup 2014 International Volunteer Camp

Project EAC/S03/2013/045 -Description of the Project
pdf(595 kB)
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Beneficiary: Spanish Basketball Federation, Spain
Maximum grant: 309.000,00 EUR


  1. Croatian Basketball Federation, HKS- HR
  2. Hungarian Basketball Federation, HU
  3. Federação Portuguesa de Basquetebol, FPB- PT
  4. Romanian Basketball Federation, FRB- RO
  5. Swedish Basketball Federation, SBBF- SE
  6. Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas, ES
  7.  Consejo Superior de Deportes, CSD- ES
  8.  Federació Andorrana de Bàsquet, FAB - AD
  9.  Belarusian Basketball Association, BBF - BY

Private third-parties:

CaixaBank, s.a., Barcelona, Spain

€ 12.039,00 (3%)

Duration of the project: 01/01/2014 – 31/01/2015


Area 2. "Protecting athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions": 5 projects

Protecting physical and moral integrity in competitive youth sport: stimulating individual empowerment of young athletes and conducive ethical climate in sport organisations

Project EAC/S03/2013/003 - Description of the Projectpdf(654 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 
Beneficiary: ICES (Internationaal Centrum Ethiek Sport), Belgium
Maximum grant: 181.846,00 EUR


  1. Vrije Universiteit Brussel,  BE
  2. German Sport University, Koeln, DE
  3. Croatian Olympic Committee, HR
  4. University of Oradea, Romania
  5. Lithuanian Sports University, LT
  6. Netherlands Olympic Committee/ Netherlands Sports Confederation, NL
  7. Department of Sport Science and Clinical Biomechanics, DK
  8. ENGSO-Youth (European Non-Governmental Sport Organisation – Youth), DE
  9. National Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the UK
  10. Panathlon International, IT

Duration of the project: 01/01/2014- 30/06/2015


Pro Safe Sport for Young Athletes (PSS)

Project EAC/S03/2013/005  -Description of Project pdf(914 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 
Beneficiary: Council of Europe (EPAS - Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport), based in France
Maximum grant: 220.000,00 EUR


  1. Scuola dello Sport- CONI, Italy
  2. Foundation of Sport Education and Information, Estonia,
  3. European Athlete Student Network, the UK
  4. Talented Athletes Scholarship Scheme (TASS), the UK
  5. European Elite Athletes Association (EEAA), the NL
  6. European Physical Education Association, Luxembourg
  7. International Council for Coaching Excellence, the UK
  8. The Football Association Premier League, the UK
  9. Latvian Sports Medecine Association, Latvia
  10. Semmelweis University, HU
  11. International School sport Federation, BE
  12. EGLSF, NL
  13. SportAccord, Switzerland
  14. European Tennis Federation, Switzerland

Duration of the project: 1/01/2014 – 30/06/2015


Healthy of Young Athletes main goal of sport training and competitions (FITFORHEALTH)

Project EAC/S03/2013/056 -Description of the Project
pdf(1.47 Mb)
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Beneficiary: CONI Comitato Nazionale Marche, Italy
Maximum grant: 225.000,00 EUR


  1. Associazione Sportiva Ankon Volley, IT
  2. European Healthy Stadia Network CIC, the UK
  3. Lancashire Cricket Board Limited, the UK.
  4. Gradanski Košarkarški Klub Šibenik, HR
  5. Grad Vrgorac, HR
  6. Karier Oy, Pori, FI
  7. Fera ry, Rauma, FI
  8. Dia-Sport association, BG
  9. Sport and Recreation Complex Lozenets, Sofia, BG

Duration of the project: 01/01/2014-30/06/2015


ARISTO: a European monitoring protocol of Young athletes' health and training conditions

Project EAC/S03/2013/083 -Description of the Project
pdf(685 kB)
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Beneficiary: Empresa de Turismo y Deporte de Andalucía, Spain
Maximum grant: 168.800,00 EUR


  1. University of Granad, UGR- ES
  2. Spanish Badminton Federation, FESBA- ES
  3.  Federacion Española de Triatlon, FETRI- ES
  4.  Beachklub Ládvi o.s.- BKL- CZ
  5.  Rørby Værslev Handball Organization- DK
  6.  Marche Region, IT
  7.  Association "Vingro Visi"- LV
  8.  National Sports Academy "Vassil Levski", NSA- BG
  9.  Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas, LEU- LT

Duration of the project: 01/01/2014 – 30/06/2015


Health & Injury Prevention for Young Athletes (HIP Ya!)

Project EAC/S03/2013/108 -Description of the Project
pdf(375 kB)
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Beneficiary: ASK Split, Croatia
Maximum grant: 210.000,00 EUR

  1. Alba regia Atlétikai Klub, ARAK- HU
  2. Atletski Klub Koper, AK Koper- SI
  3. Unione Sportiva dilettantistica BOR-  IT
  4. Athletick Club Malacky - SK
  5. AK Olymp Brno - CZ
  6. Otvorena medijska grupacija, OMG-  HR
  7. Ordinacija opće medicine Mirjana Bezdrov, dr. med - HR 

Duration of the project: 01/01/2014 – 31/06/2015


Area 3. "Promoting traditional European sports and games": 4 projects

Promotion of traditional sports and games

Project EAC/S03/2013/007 - Description of the Projectpdf(590 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 
Beneficiary: Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten (VLAS), Belgium
Maximum grant: 134.756,00 EUR


  1. Sportimonium- BE
  2. European Traditional Sports & Games Association, AEJST- FR
  3. Tesz-Vesz Children and Youth Foundation- HU
  4. National Institute of Physical Education, INEFC- ES
  5. Federachon Esport de Nohtra Tera, F.E.N.T.- IT
  6. Bol Chumann na hEireann- IE
  7. Gerlev Idraetsheojskole/ Gerlev Legepark, GIH- DK

Duration of the project: 01/01/2014 – 30/06/2015


"European Medieval Sports and Street Games Network (Ga.M.E.S.Net)". European Medieval Sports & Street Games Network. Development of European cultural diversity trough the promotion and protection of the traditional sports and games

Project EAC/S03/2013/046 - Description of the Projectpdf(724 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 
Beneficiary: FIGEST - Traditional Sports and Games Italian Federation, Italy
Maximum grant: 180.000,00 EUR

Câmara Municipal de Chaves, PT

National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria, BG

Municipality of Narni, IT

Federación Andaluza de Bolos, ES

Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion in Malta, MT

Deutscher Novuss-Sport Verband e.V., DE

Provincia di Macerata, IT

Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta, ES

The Society of European Martial Arts, CZ

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ES

Kunsill Malti ghull – iSport, MT

Federación Aragonesa de Deportes Tradicionales, ES

Federation Departementale des foyers ruraux du Gers, FR

Duration of the project : 15/03/2014-15/06/2015


"Europe is our playground (EOP)"

Project EAC/S03/2013/054 -Description of the Project
pdf(305 kB)
Choose translations of the previous link 
Beneficiary: Public Benefit Organisation of City of Kavala (Dimofelia), Greece.
Maximum grant: 107.530,72 EUR


  1. Strömstads Kommun, SE
  2. Friends of the Museum – Rousse, BG
  3. Varna Municipality, BG
  4. Municipality of Warsaw, PL
  5. Municipality of Bansko, BG
  6. Griechische Kulturstiftung in Berlin, DE
  7. Municipality of Nürnberg, DE

Duration of the project: 17/02/2014-16/02/2015


Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today

Project EAC/S03/2013/057 -Descrption of the Project
pdf(488 kB)
Choose translations of the previous link 
Beneficiary: The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA), based in Germany
Maximum grant: 171.556,36


Gaelic Athletic Association, GAA- IE

Hungarian Coaching Association, MET- HU

Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego (University School of PE), AWF- PL

Think Tank Sport and Citizenship, 3S-FR

Centro Studi Ed Iniziative Europeo, CESIE- IT

Suomen Pesäpalloliitto / Finnish Baseball Association- FI

European Physical Education Association, EUPEA- LU

Aquitaine Sport pour Tous, A.S.P.T.- FR

German Sport University Cologne / Institute of European Sport

Development and Leisure Studies, GSU- DE

The Institute of Technology Tralee, ITTRALEE- IE

ENGSO Youth (European Non-Governmental Sport Organization), ENGSO YOUTH- DE

Confederaçao Portuguesa des Colectividades de Cultura, Recreio e Desporto, CPCCRD- PT


Duration of the project: 01/01/2014 – 30/06/2015

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