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Preparatory actions - 2012

Preparatory actions - 2012

In 2012, 76 applications were received, of which 31 were ineligible. Among the eligible applications:

  • 7 were for the 'fight against match-fixing',
  • 14 were for the 'promotion of physical activity supporting active ageing',
  • 10 concerned 'awareness-raising about effective ways of promoting sport at municipal level',
  • 14 related to 'trans-frontier joint grassroots sport competitions in neighbouring regions and Member States'.

Applications were evaluated according to the eligibility, selection and award criteria detailed in the text of the call for proposals. Following this evaluation, the Commission decided to finance a total of 20 projects for a total of €3 200 000, outlined below.

 See also 2013 Preparatory Action Projects

Fight against match-fixing:

Keep rugby onside: promoting integrity in rugby

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/009 - Description of projectpdf(429 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €60.000

Coordinator:International Rugby Board (IRB)


  • Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur – Association Européenne de Rugby (FIRA-AER)
  • Fédération française de Rugby (FFR)
  • Nederlandse Rugby Bond (NRB)
  • Federação Portuguesa de Rugby (FPR)
  • Deutscher Rugby Verband (DRV)
  • Ceská Rugbyová Unie (CSRU)

Private third parties: Six Nations Ltd. Ireland


Educating European Elite Athletes about Match Fixing

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/011 - Description of projectpdf(471 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €231.741

Coordinator:European Elite Athletes Association)


  • Professional Players Federation Ltd, UK
  • Asociacion Baloncestistas Profesionales, Spain
  • Associazione Italiana Rugbysti, Italy
  • IRUPA, Ireland
  • The Rugby Players Association, UK
  • Union Nationale des Cyclistes Professionnels, France
  • GIBA Giocatori Italiani Basket Associati, Italy
  • Danish Handball Players' Association, Denmark
  • SBIF, Sweden
  • Latvian Trade Union of Sport and Tourism (LTUST), Latvia
  • Sindikat športnikov Slovenije, Slovenia
  • SP.IN - Deutsche Basketball Spielervereinigung, Germany
  • Professional Cricketers' Association, UK
  • NL Sporter, The Netherlands
  • Hellenie Professional Volleyball Players Association (HPVPA.), Greece
  • Gaellic Players Association, Ireland
  • AJPH, France
  • Union Nationale des Footballeurs Professionnels, France
  • SNB, France
  • Gemeinschaftliche Organisation für alle Lizenzhandballer in Deutschland e.V., Germany
  • Associazione Italiana Pallavolisti, Italy

Private third parties:

  • European Gaming and Betting Association, Belgium
  • European Sport Security Association, Belgium
  • Remote Gambling Association, Belgium

Don't fix it! An education & prevention programme

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/016 - Description of projectpdf(984 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €179.166



  • PFA Scotland
  • Panhellenic Professional Footbal Players Association Short
  • Asociatia Fotbalistilor Amatori si Nonamatori
  • Birkbeck College Sports Business Centre
  • Professional Footballers' Association
  • NISO
  • Jallkapallon Pellaajayhdistys RY
  • HLSZ
  • Associazione Italiana Calciatore

Private third parties: Union of European Football Associations, Switzerland


Eduquer et reponsabiliser les gouvernements et les autorités sportives nationales à la menace des matches truqués

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/036 - Description of projectpdf(766 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant:€275.015

Coordinator:Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques


  • SportAccord, Switzerland
  • European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO), France
  • Sport et Citoyenneté (Sport au Service de la Société), France
  • University of Salford (Salford Business School), UK
  • DE LOTTO, the Netherlands
  • Veikkaus Oy, Finland
  • Sazka, the Czech Republic
  • Santa Casa, Portugal
  • Szerencsejatek zrt, Hungary
  • Hrvatska Lutrija d.o.o., Croatia
  • Nationale Loterij, Belgium
  • Française des Jeux, France
  • Lotto Hessen, Germany
  • Lotto Niedersachsen, Germany

Private third parties: The European Lotteries, Switzerland


Staying on side: How to stop match fixing

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/062 - Description of projectpdf(131 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €291.867,99

Coordinator: Transparency International e.V.


  • Transparency International UK
  • Transparency International Italia
  • Transparency International Deutschland e.V.
  • Transparency International Greece
  • Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia
  • "Transparency International" Lithuanian Chapter

Private third parties:

  • Association of European Professional Football Leagues, Switzerland
  • DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga, Germany

Promotion of physical activity supporting active ageing:

ACTIVEAGE - capacity building for physical activity programs for ageing people

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/029 - Description of projectpdf(257 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €84.000

Coordinator: Deutscher Turner-Bund e.V.


  • International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), Denmark
  • Finnish Gymnastics Federation, Svoli, Finland,
  • OKRA-SPORT, 55+, Belgium
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  • Czech Association Sport for All, the Czech Republic
  • Union Française des Oeuvres Laiques d'Education Physique, France
  • Sport Union of Slovenia, Slovenia
  • Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund, Germany
  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nümberg, Germany
  • Sportamt Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti — Comitato Regionale Emilia, Italy
  • Vlaamse Sportfederatie vzw, Belgium

Private third parties: Generali Versicherung AG, Muenchen, Germany


Fit for Life Europe - a local HEPA Framework for elderly in european cities & regions

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/043 - Description of projectpdf(564 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €180.000

Coordinator: State Capital Stuttgart


  • Università di Bologna, Italia
  • General Directorate for Sport - Regional Government of Extremadura, Spain
  • Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling, directie Sport & Cultuur
  • City of Warsaw, Department of Sport and Recreation, Poland
  • City of Limoges, France

Private third parties:

  • Robert Bosch Stiftung, Germany
  • Dengler-Wender-Stiftung, Germany
  • Celesio AG, Germany
  • Volksbank Stuttgart eG, Germany
  • Otto F. Scharr-Stiftung, Germany
  • Reinhardt-Laich-Fonds (Nr. 99), Germany

Get Physical - Get up, get out, get moving

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/045 - Description of projectpdf(1.91 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €171.086

Coordinator: Sport Initiative et Loisir Bleu


  • NCEF
  • Netwell Centre, CASALA
  • INEF
  • Nutricia Portugal
  • GUERIN Serge
  • Siel Bleu Ireland
  • Fundación Siel Bleu Espana
  • Nutricia France
  • Fundación Catalunya Caixa

Private third parties: Nutricia advanced medical nutrition, France


WAP - walking people, it is never too late to start

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/074 - Description of projectpdf(1.41 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €97.500

Coordinator: Comune di Firenze, Assessorato allo Sport


  • Universite de Reims Champagne Ardenne, France
  • Madrid Salud. Instituto de Salud Pública, Spain
  • Mestna obcina Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  • City of Dresden, Germany
  • UniTS - Università del Terzo Settore, Pisa, Italy

Private third parties:

  • Virgin Active Italia S.p.A.
  • ATAF S.p.A., Italy
  • Centrale del Latte di Firenze, Pistoia e Livorno S.p.A., Italy
  • Universo Sport S.p.A., Italy
  • BIX GmbH, Germany
  • Soske elektrarne, Slovenia
  • Fundación AstraZeneca, Spain

Awareness-raising about effective ways of promoting sport at municipal level

Promoting urban sports for all

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/004 - Description of projectpdf(201 kB)

Maximum grant: €144.000

Coordinator: Comunità Nuova ONLUS


  • Municipality Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  • Bulgarian Federation of Sports Veterans, Bulgaria
  • Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais, Portugal
  • Bilbao Kirolak,Instituto Municipal De Deportes, S.A, Spain,
  • Municipiul Iaşi, Romania
  • Institutul National de Cercetare pentru Sport (National Institute for Sport Research), Romania
  • Stichting Teamplay@NAC Foundation, Breda, The Netherlands
  • SANG, o.s., Praha, The Czech Republic
  • KOMUNIKUJEME o.s. Praha, the Czech Republic
  • Belfast City Council, UK
  • Municipality of Milano, Italy
  • Associazione di Promozione Sociale Play More! Italy
  • European Regional Framework for Cooperation, Greece

Private third parties:

  • SISAL SpA, Milano, Italy
  • SS-2001 PLC, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • PREVIUM CONSULTORIA LDA, Mortagua, Portugal
  • EBA - Formacao Professional LDA, Mortagua, Portugal
  • Sport Studio Servicios Deportivos S.L., Bilbao, Spain
  • NAC Breda B.V., the Netherlands
  • Sportlines s.r.o., Czech Republic
  • Q-Selva Industries Srl, Romania
  • Soske Elektrarne Nova Gorica d.o.o., Slovenia

Sports for all: European Cities of Sport for promoting sport activities for citizens

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/023 - Description of projectpdf(218 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €240.000

Coordinator: ACES Europe


  • Charleroi City Council, Belgium
  • Comune di Cremona, Italia
  • Guimarães City Council, Portugal
  • Municipality of the city Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Municipality of Iasi (Municipiul Iasi), Romania
  • Municipality of Krakow, Poland
  • Shannon Development Ltd, Ireland
  • North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd, UK
  • Fundación Deportiva Municipal de Valencia, Spain
  • Municipality of Viterbo, Italy

Private third parties:

  • Movimento Sportivo Popolare Italia
  • Tempo Livre, CIPRL, Portugal
  • Association "Municipal Student Sport Club" of Iasi
  • IMESAPI S.A., Valencia
  • Rete Europea dell'Innovazione – REDINN, Brussels

Active network: European Municipalities and Sport Organisations in partnership

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/038 - Description of projectpdf(228 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €200.000

Coordinator: ISCA


  • Municipality of Falticeni, Romania
  • Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti, Italy
  • Municipality of Florence (Comune di Firenze)- Sport Department, Italy
  • Cyprus Sports Organisation, Cyprus
  • Larnaka Municipality, Cyprus
  • StreetGames UK Ltd, UK
  • Birmingham City Council, Sport and Healthy Lifestyles Team, UK
  • Estonian Sports Association Joud, Estonia
  • City of Pärnu, Estonia
  • Clydesdale Sports Council, UK
  • Madeira Sport for all Association, Portugal
  • City Hall of Funchal, Portugal
  • Union Française des Oeuvres Laïques d'Education Physique, France
  • HSE Community Games, Ireland
  • South Dublin County Sports Partnershipk, Ireland
  • Lithuanian Country Sport and Culture Association NEMUNAS, Lithuania
  • Zarasai district municipality administration, Lithaunia
  • Latvian Sport for All Association, Latvia
  • Slovak Sport For All Association, Slovakia
  • Schwäbischer Turnerbund, Germany
  • UBAE, Spain

Private third parties: Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association, Denmark



Reference: EAC/S06/2012/039 - Description of projectpdf(219 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €90.000

Coordinator: TAFISA


  • Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity, the Netherlands
  • Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Poland
  • Finnish Sport For All Association (In Finnish: Suomen Kuntoliikuntaliitto ry)
  • Cultural and Scientific Association of Tourism, Leisure and Sport Studies, Spain
  • Gerlev P.E.& Sports Academy, Denmark
  • National Olympic Committee of Denmark
  • Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, Portugal
  • Latvian Sport for All Association, Latvia
  • Bulgarian Sport For All Association, Bulgaria
  • Hungarian Leisure Sports Association, Hungary

Private third parties:

  • Suomen Kunto ja Virkistys Oy, Finland
  • Ball Packaging Europe Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Promoting social inclusion through sport

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/066 - Description of projectpdf(161 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €189.000

Coordinator: Municipality of Prato


  • Megálló Csoport Alapítvány Szenvedélybetegekért, Hungary
  • Associação para a Promoção do Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Portugal
  • Initiative zur sozialen Rehabilitation e.V., Germany
  • Andalusian Public Foundation for Social Integration of the People with Mental disorders, Spain
  • Handi Jobs, The Czech Republic
  • NGO "My World", Bulgaria
  • Office Cantonal des Sports de Redon, France
  • Oxford City Council, UK

Private third parties:

  • Amatori Rugby Prato asd, Italy
  • Valtó-sáv Alapítvány, Hungary
  • Companhia de Ideias - Media, Lda, Portugal
  • Asociatíon Española Deportiva Para la Integración y la Recuperación, Spain
  • Education & Training centre s.r.o, the Czech Republic
  • EUROIMPEX Ltd, Bulgaria
  • Faurecia Automotive seating, France
  • Streets Revolution CIC, UK

Trans-frontier joint grassroots sport competitions in neighbouring regions and Member States:


Reference: EAC/S06/2012/025 - Description of projectpdf(811 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €157.000

Coordinator: Zavod SKL za razvoj in promocijo sporta Ljubljana


  • KRONA športna akdemija/Sportakademie, Austria
  • American Football Verband Deutschland, Germany
  • Zveza Slovencev na Madžarskem - Magyarországi Szlovének Szövetsége, Hungary
  • Združenje slovenskih športnih društev v Italiji, Italy

Private third parties:

  • Ferrero d.o.o., Croatia
  • T-2 d.o.o., Slovenia

Running competitions in the cross-border region

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/028 - Description of projectpdf(805 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €66.000

Coordinator: The Institute for Eastern Studies


  • Ultra Marathon France
  • Association of International Marathons and Distance Races, Greece
  • Matters Human, Malta
  • Kulturne a turisticke centrum Bardejov, Slovakia

Private third parties:

  • ORLEN SA, Poland
  • PZU SA, Poland
  • PGNiG SA Poland
  • Farkro sp. Z o.o., Poland

Let's Pull Together!

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/033 - Description of projectpdf(644 kB)

Maximum grant: €93.401 Let's Pull Together!

Coordinator: Latvijas virves vilksnas federacija


  • Estonian Tug of War Federation
  • Hungarian Tug Of War Sport Association
  • Lithunian tug of war federation
  • kime Training & Promotion Center, Poland

Private third parties: llc Cinevilla Studio, Latvia


Football² - international youth football and education

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/044 - Description of projectpdf(274 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €142.347

Coordinator: Deutsch-Tschechische Fussballschule e.V.


  • Football Association of Czech Republic
  • Lithuanian Football Federation
  • Latvian Football Federation
  • Slovak Football Association
  • Estonian Football Association
  • Goethe Institut e.V.

Private third parties:

  • Commerzbank, Germany
  • REHAU AG+Co, Germany
  • INGO Casino a.s. - Restaurant Goethe, the Czech Republic
  • SIA INNOVA, Latvia
  • UAB „V.Butkevicius ir kompanija“, Lithuania
  • Erich NETZSCH GmbH & Co. Holding, Germany
  • PRETO spol. s.r.o., Slovakia

European paralympic snow sport youth circuit

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/046 - Description of projectpdf(2.45 Mb) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €175.000

Coordinator: International Paralympic Committee e.V.


  • European Paralympic Committee/ Austria
  • Play and Train Association/ Spain
  • Center Slepih Sportnikov Vidim Cilj/ Slovenia
  • Netherland Ski Federation/ The Netherlands
  • Deutscher Behindertensportverband/ Germany
  • Freewhite Ski Team/Italy

Private third parties:

  • World Academy of Sport, UK
  • Agitos Foundation, Germany

European Street Soccer Cup

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/050 - Description of projectpdf(98 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Maximum grant: €139.700

Coordinator: Danske Gymnastik


  • StreetGames UK Ltd, UK
  • Union Française des Oeuvres Laïques d'Education Physique, France
  • Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti, Italy
  • Straatvoetbalbond Vlaanderen zw, Belgium
  • International Sport and Culture Association, Denmark

Private third parties: Sportizon, Belgium



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