EU Sport Forum 2017

EU Sport Forum 2017

8-9 March in St. Julian's, Malta

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European Week of Sport

Sport and migrants

Find out what EU sport projects and the world of football are doing for the integration of migrants


Education and training policy


Find out about the EU policies for sport from its role in society to its economic dimension to good governance and sport diplomacy.

Sport policy


Education and training initiatives


Discover what the EU is doing to support, promote and develop sport and physical activity across Europe.



High-level athletes, skills and employability

High-level athletes, skills and employability

Only a small number of high-profile athletes manage to gain a considerable income from sport. In reality, a huge number of dedicated sportspeople make sacrifices to compete without gaining any financial rewards. These athletes often have to balance the needs of their sport with the requirement to continue working or studying (a dual career), which can prove a challenge. 

Woman on a running track preparing for a sprint (Shutterstock)

Supporting athletes to pursue a dual career

For many athletes in Europe, combining a sporting career with work or education can be a challenge. The Networks of Knowledge project aimed to create better support structures to help athletes manage dual careers.

Help shape the future of Erasmus+!

Wondering what the impact of international mobility or cooperation programmes is in the areas of education, training, youth and sport? We need you!