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Observatorio Europeo del Empleo

Algunas publicaciones pueden estar disponibles sólo en alemán, francés e inglés.

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Long-term Unemployment - EEO Review 2012  (12/10/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-AZ-12-002-EN-N

As the EU continues to try to overcome the current economic crisis, the reduction of unemployment – and in particular long-term unemployment (LTU) – is a priority for citizens and policymakers alike. This report looks at how LTU has changed at national and EU level, and tries to identify groups according to age, gender, educational level, migrant/ethnic minority status, job sector/occupation and region of residence. Structural factors (skills mismatches, insurance contribution policies etc) on the demand and supply side seeking to explain these trends are examined, before the report starts analyzing different policy options that could be used to overcome this problem. This publication is available in electronic format in English, French and German.


Pension Adequacy in the European Union 2010-2050  (11/10/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-30-12-757-EN-N

This report, jointly prepared by the European Commission and the Social Protection Committee (SPC), focuses on the adequacy dimension of pensions. It has been developed as a complement to the Ageing Report by the Economic Policy Committee (EPC) and considers pension policy objectives in the context of accelerating population ageing and the current economic crisis. Specifically, it looks at how to reconcile and optimize sustainability and adequacy concerns amongst Member States. This publication is available in electronic format in English only.


Restructuring in Europe 2011  (28/09/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-31-12-724-EN-N

Preserving Europe’s competitiveness in a way that respects social cohesion and creates new, sustainable jobs will be crucial to the future. The report ‘Restructuring in Europe’ describes the actions developed by the Commission to support employers and employees alike adapt to the rapidly changing business environment to sustain a high level of employment while maintaining and reforming social protection. This publication is available online only in English, French and German.


Policy Brief on Youth Entrepreneurship  (06/09/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-BE-12-001-EN-N

The OECD and European Commission have produced a new policy brief on youth entrepreneurship. It covers the scale of self-employment and entrepreneurship activities undertaken by young people, including by gender, education level, industry sector, country and sub-national geographic areas, as well as the drivers for and barriers to youth entrepreneurship and self-employment. The policy brief also presents policy lessons from evidence on entrepreneurship activities and policy experience. This publication is available online only in English, French and German.


La aportación de la UE al envejecimiento activo y a la solidaridad entre las generaciones  (09/08/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-32-12-224-ES-C

Este folleto presenta la contribución de la Unión Europea (UE) a la agenda del envejecimiento activo y demuestra que, en esta materia, la UE es una fuerte aliada. Su objetivo consiste en inspirar esfuerzos más concretos en todos los Estados miembros para fomentar el envejecimiento activo, garantizando así que la solidaridad entre las generaciones pueda superar la prueba del envejecimiento de la población. La presente publicación está disponible en formato impreso en todas las lenguas ofi ciales de la Unión Europea.


Sweden and the European Social Fund  (07/08/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-30-12-481-EN-C

Sweden is using ESF funding to achieve its aim of full employment and a more cohesive society. Education and training initiatives are helping disadvantaged groups, such as the low-qualified, to obtain skills and get into jobs. Sweden is also helping employers and workers to acquire the modern skills and competences they need to ensure sustainable growth in the future.

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Ireland and the European Social Fund  (07/08/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-31-12-578-EN-C

The economic crisis has le Ireland facing some major challenges. Over EUR 750 million of ESF funding is being channelled into reversing the rapid rise in unemployment seen in recent years. Retraining the workforce with new skills for new industrial sectors, and giving citizens from disadvantaged groups the skills to improve their job prospects, are the two main priorities.

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Microfinanciación Progress - Perfiles de emprendedores  (17/07/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-32-12-231-ES-C

El Instrumento Europeo de Microfinanciación Progress (Microfinanciación Progress), que se lanzó en 2010, tiene como objetivo mejorar el acceso a la microfinanciación en toda Europa. La microfinanciación es un instrumento clave para fomentar el crecimiento, ya que brinda la oportunidad de hacer realidad sus ambiciones empresariales a personas que, de otra manera, no tendrían la posibilidad de hacerlo. El folleto de Microfinanciación Progress resume el modo en que esta iniciativa promueve el empleo y la inclusión social en Europa, detalla el proceso a seguir para solicitar estos microcréditos y presenta a una serie de emprendedores de toda Europa que ya se han beneficiado de Microfinanciación Progress. El folleto está disponible en formato impreso en 22 idiomas oficiales de la UE y en formato electrónico también en irlandés.


Greece and the European Social Fund  (11/07/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-31-12-576-EN-C

With ESF support, Greece is taking determined measures to make its companies more competitive and export-led while giving its workers the improved skills they need to find jobs. The education system is helping young people to obtain higher qualifications, and Greece is using lifelong learning as an integral tool to improve job prospects. Furthermore, ESF funding is focused on helping the most vulnerable groups to overcome obstacles to work.

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Hungary and the European Social Fund  (11/07/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-31-12-577-EN-C

Hungary has set itself ambitious targets in its bid to build a strong, competitive, dynamic and sustainable economy. Over EUR 4 billion is being invested through ESF programmes to meet the specific challenges that the country is facing – particularly the low percentage of the population in jobs, high long-term unemployment, and persisting inequalities of opportunity between regions and between specific sections of the population.

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