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Social Agenda 25: Affording old age - the EU pensions debate  (02/12/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-10-025-EN-C

Issue 25 of Social Agenda magazine examines the challenge of ensuring sustainable pensions for all as Europe’s population ages while its workforce shrinks. It also looks at the European Commission’s Youth on the Move initiative, designed to give young people the skills and opportunities they need to get a foothold into the job market. This magazine’s edition also reports on work-related health problems in the EU, on the European Award for Accessible Cities, and it presents the Commission’s new strategy for gender equality as well as its new guide to socially responsible public procurement. It is available in English, French and German.


FMW - Online Journal on free movement of workers within the European Union  (22/11/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-XD-10-001-EN-N

FMW, the online Journal on free movement of workers within the European Union, is a twice-yearly publication coordinated by the network of experts on free movement of workers, through a Board of Advisors, under the supervision of the European Commission.Its aim is to develop academic interest and stimulate debate on this fundamental area of European law. In this first issue, lawyer and author Esther Weizsäcker contributes to the debate on possible changes in the regulatory framework for the recognition of professional qualifications. Professor Kees Groenendijk addresses the issue of equal treatment of workers and the remedies available to enforce their rights. Finally, Professor Catherine Barnard discusses the consequences of the Commission v Luxembourg case on the posting of workers in the UK. If you are interested in contributing to the Journal, please contact us at: empl-freemovement@ec.europa.eu. This online Journal is available in English only.


Social Agenda 24 -Promoting Roma inclusion: the way forward  (30/06/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-09-024-EN-C

Issue 24 of Social Agenda focuses on the situation of Roma in the EU and on the most effective ways to promote their inclusion in society. It also examines the need to improve and adapt the skills of Europe’s workforce to respond to future job market demands. The issue looks at the social costs of the economic crisis and introduces the European Progress Microfinance Facility, aimed at those who wish to start or expand a small business. The magazine also reports on European citizens' perceptions of gender equality and on the achievements of the European social dialogue. It is available in English, French and German.


Social Agenda 23 - European Year 2010: Fighting against poverty and social exclusion  (03/05/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-09-023-EN-C

Issue 23 of Social Agenda focuses on the 2010 European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion and on the efforts deployed to address this issue across the EU. It also takes a look at women in corporate Europe and examines the reasons why they are still underrepresented in high-level positions. And last but not least, the April edition introduces the magazine’s new layout and graphic design. It is available in English, French and German.


Social Agenda 22 - Making our workplaces safer - How the EU helps improving health and safety standards  (23/11/2009)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-09-022-EN-C

This issue of DG Employment's flagship magazine, Social Agenda, focuses on the EU's health and safety standards in the workplace. The magazine looks at the wide range of measures the EU has put into place to ensure workers' safety, including the Community strategy 2007-2012 on health and safety, the sharing of best practices across the EU and efforts to reduce injuries in the healthcare sector. This issue also investigates how public perceptions about employment have changed since the onset of the economic crisis and looks at Commission initiatives to combat its effects, such as micro-financing for small businesses. It is available in English, French and German.


Social Agenda 21 - Jumping the Generation gap - How the EU promotes intergenerational solidarity  (17/07/2009)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-09-021-EN-C

Older people are a large and growing section of the EU's population. But the context of demographic ageing often gives rise to a negative narrative about older people being a growing burden to society. Issue 21 of the Social Agenda magazine is devoted to jumping the generation gap. The special feature looks at the new challenges and opportunities arising from the shift towards demographic ageing, while former Director-General of DG Employment Nikolaus G. van der Pas reminisces on his four years at the helm of the Directorate-General. In addition, this issue reports on the views and concerns of European citizens on the relations between generations in an ageing society, and examines the many ways in which older people contribute to social cohesion through volunteer work. This magazine is available in English, French and German.


Social Agenda 20 - Weathering the storm - Supporting the EU job market  (27/03/2009)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-08-020-EN-C

This issue's "Special feature" looks at the ways in which EU employment and social policy can help cushion the impact of the crisis, in particular on the labour market, thanks to a targeted use of existing instruments such as the European Social Fund and the Globalization Adjustment Fund (p. 18). This magazine is available in English, French and German.

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Social Agenda 19 - Balancing act: improving our work/life equilibrium  (16/12/2008)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-08-019-EN-C

This edition's "Special fetaure" takes a close look at the work-life package and what it will mean for individual citizens. Elsewhere in the magazine we examine the issue of poverty, as the EU begins preparing for the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, and look at what Europe is doing to support people with disabilities. The subject of this issue's feature, meanwhile, is the continuing problem of the pay gap between women and men. This magazine is available in English, French and German.

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Social Agenda No.18: Women in Political decision-making  (03/12/2008)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-08-018-EN-C

Social Agenda No.18 is devoted to the revised Social Agenda, a package of initiatives aimed at helping people adjust to rapid economic and social change that was unveiled by the Commission in July 2008. The magazine also provides an overview of recent developments in employment and social affairs, covering topics such as women in politics, international relations and labour mobility. It also includes an interview with José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission.

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Social Agenda no.17: Migration: the changing face of Europe  (14/07/2008)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-08-017-EN-C

The latest issue of Social Agenda takes a detailed look at the first year of the European Globalisation adjustment Fund: how many applications has the Commission received so far; how does the process work; and what is the EGF doing to help workers find employment again after redundancy?( p. 4). Other articles look at undeclared work, workers' mobility and the reasons why so few women ever make it to the top echelons of European business.

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