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Parental leave can help Europe strike better work-life balance 04/12/2009

Parental leave can help Europe strike better work-life balance

In a bid to help EU citizens juggle their work and family commitments, the European Commission has adopted a proposal to revamp existing rights to parental leave.

Enjoying the country life 27/11/2009

Enjoying the country life

Growing up on a small farm in the rural Prekmurje region in northeast Slovenia, Andrej Lovrencec has deep roots in the countryside.

The value of traditions 20/11/2009

The value of traditions

Sibiu in Transylvania is a historic town.

Building a rural future 13/11/2009

Building a rural future

Fruit growing has been the mainstay of the rural parts of Drambovita County in Eastern Romania for generations.

Women and automobiles 06/11/2009

Women and automobiles

For journalist Beata Szozda, starting a new business in Poznań, Poland, seemed like an uphill struggle. While she received lots of encouragement from friends and family, potential investors were not interested in funding an online business proposed by someone with no experience in business especially an online publication for women about cars.

Social security changes will make life easier for Europeans on the move 05/11/2009

Social security changes will make life easier for Europeans on the move

Changes to the way the European Union coordinates Member States’ social security systems should make living and working abroad a good deal easier for millions of European citizens.

Disability is no handicap to work 30/10/2009

Disability is no handicap to work

Andrzej Lubowiecki used to work in the shipyards in the town of Gdynia, part of the urban area of Gdansk, on Poland’s Baltic coast.

Knowledge is empowerment 23/10/2009

Knowledge is empowerment

As a young girl, Khadija Majdoubi dreamed of nothing more than owning her own hairdresser’s salon.

A second chance, a new career 16/10/2009

A second chance, a new career

Marie Therese Vella spent most of her adult life raising two children in Iklin, a relatively modern village in the centre of Malta. As her kids grew up and went off to school, she had more time to spend on her long-standing passions of painting and photography, but she also wanted to be productive and earn some money. After years at home, she was not sure where to start.

Aim high 09/10/2009

Aim high

The provincial city of Siauliai in northern Lithuania feels far removed from the heart of Europe, even from the country’s own capital of Vilnius, but Nedas Jurgaitis, a language teacher at the local college, is intent on keeping up with the rest of the world.


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