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Customs signs 11/11/2011

Report shows overall positive impact of mobility of Bulgarian and Romanian workers on EU economy

A new report published by the European Commission highlights the overall positive role that mobile workers from Bulgaria and Romania (EU-2) have played in receiving countries' economies.

Nurse loading bags into the trunk of a car 11/11/2011

New study on labour mobility within the EU, the impact of enlargement and the functioning of the transitional arrangements

Seven years after the 2004 enlargement of the EU, this study looks at the economic and labour market impact of east-west labour mobility flows in recent years, with a particular focus on mobility from Bulgaria and Romania.

Two women getting advice from a public servant in a labour office 26/10/2011

Commission requests Greece to end discrimination in access to local administration posts

The European Commission has requested Greece to bring its rules on accessing certain posts in local administrations into line with EU law on the free movement of workers by ending discrimination against people from other Member States.

Mother and son cooking together 26/10/2011

Commission requests Italy to pay family benefits to cross-border workers

The European Commission has requested Italy to comply with its obligations under EU law to pay certain family allowances given by the region of Trentino-Alto Adige and the province of Bolzano to people working there but living in Austria.

Female professor erasing a chalkboard 29/09/2011

Commission requests Malta to end discrimination against workers with professional experience acquired in another Member State

The European Commission has requested Malta to take previous periods of comparable employment acquired by teachers in another Member State into account when determining their working conditions (e.g. salary, grade; career advancement) for state school teachers working in Malta.

Enclosed house 29/09/2011

Commission requests United Kingdom to end discrimination of EU nationals residing in the UK regarding their rights to specific social benefits

EU nationals who habitually reside in the UK are subject to the so-called 'right to reside' test to qualify for certain social security benefits. As this test indirectly discriminates non-UK nationals coming from other EU Member States it contravenes EU law.

Maps and a suitcase with a sticker in which is written 'Europe' 11/08/2011

The Commission accepts that Spain can temporarily restrict the free movement of Romanian workers

Following a request from the Spanish authorities on 28th July 2011, the European Commission has approved Spain's request to restrict its labour market to Romanian workers until 31 December 2012 due to serious disturbances on its labour market.

Person with a rolling suitcase 25/07/2011

Social security coverage is fundamental for mobile EU citizens, Court of Justice reaffirms

The Court of Justice of the European Union in its judgment in Case C-503/09 (Lucy Stewart) confirmed the fundamental status of EU citizenship and its rights, in particular the freedom to move and reside in another EU country, as well as the right to social security coverage.

Boats harboured in a port 27/01/2011

Commission requests UK to end pay discrimination of non-UK seafarers

The Commission has requested the United Kingdom to put an end to discriminatory legislation allowing for differential pay of non-UK seafarers linked directly and indirectly to their nationality.

Person carrying luggage 28/10/2010

Commission requests UK to end discrimination on other nationals’ right to reside as workers

The European Commission has requested the United Kingdom to end discriminatory conditions on the right to reside as a worker which exclude from certain social benefits nationals from eight of the ten Member States (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland) that joined the EU in 2004.

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