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The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014 - Policies for inclusive entrepreneurship in Europe  (18/12/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-02-14-710-EN-N

This publication examines how public policies at national, regional and local levels can support job creation by encouraging business start-ups and self-employment by people from disadvantaged or under-represented social groups in entrepreneurship. It shows that there is substantial potential to combat unemployment and stimulate social inclusion by promoting entrepreneurship in populations such as women, youth, seniors, the unemployed, and migrants, if the specific problems they face can be addressed and if entrepreneurship policies are opened up to all. Policy discussion in this report focusses on business creation from unemployment, entrepreneurship by ethnic minority groups, business development services for start-ups and the interaction between social security systems and inclusive entrepreneurship policies, and offers the inspiration of existing good practices from across the European Union.

To order this publication please contact the OECD.

Table of contents

Activating jobseekers through entrepreneurship: Start-up incentives in Europe - EEPO Review  (08/12/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-AZ-14-002-EN-N

This Review provides a snapshot of how the countries making up the EU-28, and Iceland, have been using start-up incentives to encourage unemployed people to set up their own businesses. It explores whether start-ups represent a long-term solution to keeping people employed and analyses the profiles of some participants to establish possible similarities between successful individuals. The Review also puts forward recommendations on how measures can be designed and areas which should be researched further, to support policy makers. This publication is available in electronic format in English.


Sammenfattende rapport - Peer review om bæredygtige indsatser til forebyggelse af hjemløshed  (01/12/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-BF-14-007-DA-N

Overalt i EU er antallet af hjemløse steget i et hidtil uset omfang, især antallet af unge hjemløse. Den 22. november 2013 mødtes peer review-deltagere i København for at høre mere om, hvordan Danmark har håndteret hjemløseproblematikken ved hjælp af en integreret housing first-strategi. Denne publikation findes i elektronisk format på engelsk, fransk, tysk og dansk.


Health System Performance Assessment  (30/11/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-BF-14-006-EN-N

Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA) allows decision-makers to measure the performance of health systems as a whole and to report results regularly to the public and relevant stakeholders, but has been developed in relatively few European countries. Belgium, which piloted its first HSPA in 2008, hosted a Peer Review which focused on the methods and tools needed for further developing HSPA within the EU. This report summarises the key issues discussed and the lessons learned. This publication is available in electronic format in English, French, German and Dutch.


Facing the crisis - The coping strategies of unemployed people in Europe  (27/11/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-04-14-928-EN-N

This report explores how those households that are particularly exposed to poverty and long-term unemployment manage to deal with the blows dealt by the economic crisis. It asks the key questions: is unemployment in a period of crisis really the cause of spiralling breaks in social links, or can it also be the start of a process of coping, based on strengthening those links? If so, to what extent? It draws on the findings of three studies, both qualitatively and quantitatively. This publication is available in printed and electronic format in English.


Monitoring good practices in the areas of employment, social affairs and inclusion  (07/11/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-06-14-024-EN-N

The European Commission finances projects enabling national, regional and local administrations, social and economic partners and other organisations to exchange good practices in the fields of employment, working conditions, social inclusion and social protection. To facilitate the dissemination of the achieved results this report reviews good practice examples of projects supported by the Community Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity — Progress in the years 2011 – 2012. This report is available in English and online only, with abstracts in English, French and German.


Corporate Social - Responsibility National Public Policies in the European Union - Compendium 2014  (31/10/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-02-14-709-EN-N

This compendium is partly the result of seven peer reviews on corporate social responsibility (CSR) that took place in 2013 between EU Member State ministries. It provides an update on the actions taken by EU Member States since the publication of the 2011 Communication on CSR. Some of the most common approaches as well as good practices are highlighted in a series of thematic sections, relating to different parts of CSR policy. There is a substantial annex on initiatives taken Member State-by-Member State.

This publication is available in electronic format in English.


Den Europæiske Fond for Tilpasning til Globaliseringen - Solidaritet og forandringer  (29/10/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-04-14-739-DA-N

Der har været et fald i beskæftigelsen i hele EU på grund af konsekvenserne af globaliseringen og den verdensomspændende finansielle og økonomiske krise. I denne folder fokuseres der på Den Europæiske Fond for Tilpasning til Globaliseringen (EGF), der medfinansierer støtte til arbejdstagere i EU, som er uden beskæftigelse efter lukning af store virksomheder, massefyringer, eller når produktionen i en sektor flytter ud af EU. Individuelle hjælpeforanstaltninger kanaliseret gennem regionale og nationale myndigheder skal hjælpe disse mennesker, som er berettiget til EGF-støtte, til at finde et andet job eller starte egen virksomhed.


Vejledning om metoden med forenklede omkostninger  (10/10/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-02-14-987-DA-N

Dette dokument giver teknisk vejledning og eksempler på tre typer forenklede omkostningsmuligheder, der finder anvendelse under ESI-fondene i programperioden 2014-2020.


Adequate social protection for long-term care needs in an ageing society  (10/10/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-04-14-706-EN-C

This report examines to what extent innovative approaches to social protection against the risk of long-term care dependency - such as prevention, rehabilitation and support for the independent living of frail older people - can help EU Member States ensure that adequate provisions for long-term care needs can be organised in a sustainable way even at the height of population ageing. It argues that national policy makers should move from the present primarily reactive to an increasing-ly proactive policy approach seeking both to prevent the loss of autonomy and thus reduce care demand, and to boost efficient, cost-effective care provision.

Published by the Social Protection Committee (SPC), the report identifies promising innovative approaches around the EU and suggests how the the Union can support the efforts of Member States by facilitating the exchange of best practices, by researching and testing new solutions and fostering technical and social innovation.