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The EU and social inclusion – ESF in action 05/03/2010

The EU and social inclusion – ESF in action

Social cohesion is an important goal of the EU and a major element in the European values expressed in our inclusive social welfare and support systems.

The EU and equality between women and men – ESF in action 26/02/2010

The EU and equality between women and men – ESF in action

Equality between women and men is a fundamental feature of our democratic society. It is an important element of the EU Strategy for Growth and Jobs, and essential for the European Union to sustain its prosperity.

“Ich bin eine Berlinerin”, Finlander, Brummie… 22/02/2010

“Ich bin eine Berlinerin”, Finlander, Brummie…

Henna Eskonsipo, a 23-year-old Finnish girl from the city of Lahti, was sparked by EURES and the Leonardo da Vinci programme to pursue a trail of foreign working experiences – and they’re probably not over yet!

Developing skills for the jobs of tomorrow 22/02/2010

Developing skills for the jobs of tomorrow

A European initiative called ‘New Skills for New Jobs’ aims to help the EU and its Member States find out what jobs will be in demand in the future while ensuring that education and training systems can meet the economy’s needs.

Wheels 04/02/2010

New treaty provides boost to Europe’s rights and values

The Treaty of Lisbon came into force across the European Union on 1 December 2009. As well as helping to make an enlarged EU work more efficiently, the Treaty promises to make it easier to address major issues of the day and provide a boost to Europe’s social policy commitments.

chess 11/01/2010

Revealing public attitudes to discrimination and equality

A Europe-wide survey has revealed that people believe discrimination in relation to age and disability is on the increase. Respondents also felt that the recent recession may lead to more discrimination in the jobs market.

Standing on his own two feet

Standing on his own two feet

When Abshir Abukar started working in one of the largest garden centres in Sweden, he did not know much about plants or tools and he was even allergic to pollen. But he learned quickly and now has a varied role that involves managing stock, helping customers and working in a team. In fact, it has proved a great role for the 25-year-old.

Smile, and say cheese!

Smile, and say cheese!

Passengers alighting at the railway station in the southern Swedish town of Hässleholm pass by a smart grocery shop with an inviting assortment of cheeses displayed in the window. ‘Anne-Lie’s Ost & Delikatess’, announces a cheerful sign. Inside, Anne-Lie Thuvesson smiles broadly as she greets customers and serves them from her range of specialist cheeses, fine teas and coffees, imported oils and biscuits and chocolate selections.

A new voice

A new voice

Born deaf and hard of hearing, Mário Greško was left as an infant by his mother at an orphanage in rural Slovakia.

The future in her own hands

The future in her own hands

Katarína Vargová was a successful businesswoman running her own small company in the textiles sector in Bratislava, Slovakia, when she interrupted her career to raise her newborn son.


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