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Sociale bescherming en sociale integratie

N.B. Sommige publicaties zijn alleen in het Engels, Frans en Duits beschikbaar. 

Nieuwste publicaties


Demography, active ageing and pensions - Social Europe guide - Volume 3  (21/06/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-BC-12-001-EN-C

The Social Europe guide is a bi-annual publication aimed at providing to an interested but not necessarily specialized audience a concise overview of specific areas of EU policy in the field of employment, social affairs and inclusion. It illustrates the key issues and challenges, explains policy actions and instruments at EU level and provides examples of best practices from EU Member States. It also presents views on the subject from the Council Presidency and the European Parliament. The third volume in this series gives an overview of the main demographic trends faced by Europe, such as ageing, a decrease in the working age population and declining fertility. It describes the EU's actions to promote active ageing, and explains EU policy efforts to ensure adequate, safe and sustainable pensions for the decades to come. This publication is available in printed format in English, French and German.


Uw pensioenrechten als u in meer dan één Europees land gewoond of gewerkt heeft  (25/04/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-32-11-980-NL-C

Welk land zal uw pensioen uitbetalen? Hoe zal het worden berekend? Informeer naar uw pensioenrechten als u in meer dan één land van de Europese Unie, IJsland, Liechtenstein, Noorwegen of Zwitserland gewerkt heeft.


The social dimension of the Europe 2020 strategy - A report of the social protection committee (2011)  (27/06/2011)

Catalog N. : KE-BA-11-001-EN-C

The Europe 2020 strategy aims to deliver high employment, productivity and social cohesion. This report of the Social Protection Committee (SPC), a policy forum for Member States and the Commission, on Europe 2020's social dimension examines actions to promote inclusion and reduce poverty. It details the current poverty and social exclusion situation in the EU and assesses related policy options for addressing these challenges. It also outlines findings of the SPC thematic work on social inclusion and protection in 2010.


Second Biennial report on social services of general interest  (26/05/2011)

Catalog N. : KE-AT-11-001-EN-C

A key tool for monitoring the sector and fostering dialogue at EU level, this second Biennial Report on SSGI provides an update of the economic and employment data presented in the first Biennial Report published in July 2008 (Chapter 1). It also gives an overview of the various initiatives implemented across Europe to guarantee, improve and assess the quality of social services and focuses on the voluntary European Quality Framework developed within the Social Protection Committee, which in many ways represents the culmination of all these other initiatives (Chapter 2). Finally, Chapter 3 describes the latest developments in the debate on the application of the EU rules to SSGI. This publication is available in printed format in English only.


Meer gelijkheid op het gebied van gezondheid in de Europese Unie  (11/11/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-30-10-290-NL-C

Deze brochure met als titel “Verkleining van de ongelijkheid op gezondheidsgebied in de Europese Unie” bevat recente informatie over de ongelijkheid op gezondheidsgebied tussen en binnen de lidstaten van de Europese Unie. Ze beschrijft verschillende aspecten van de ongelijkheid op gezondheidsgebied (voornamelijk de levensverwachting) en gaat op zoek naar de rol van gezondheidsdeterminanten met specifieke aandacht voor de ‘sociale gradiënt’ (de sociale dimensie die aanwezig is in vrijwel alle factoren die de gezondheidsstatus bepalen). De rol van Europese en nationale beleidslijnen in dat specifieke gebied (met inbegrip van financieringsmogelijkheden) en hun mogelijke bijdrage tot de verkleining van de ongelijkheid op gezondheidsgebied worden nader verklaard. Ten slotte worden drie casestudies belicht waaruit de positieve gevolgen blijken die werden bereikt op het vlak van gezondheid van kinderen, gezondheid van werkzoekenden en de gezondheidsstatus van etnische minderheden. Deze publicatie is beschikbaar op papier in alle officiële talen van de EU.


Towards adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems - Green paper  (16/08/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-31-10-546-EN-C

The European Commission’s Green Paper “Towards adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems” invites interested parties to submit their views on future pension provision and how the EU can best support national-level efforts. The Paper reviews the current EU pensions framework and goes on to set out the main challenges to providing adequate, sustainable and safe pensions and the priorities for modernising pension policy in the EU. It also looks at the need to improve both pension data collection and EU-level governance of pension policy. Finally, the Paper provides information on how to contribute to the consultation, as well as a glossary of terms and detailed statistical annex. This publication is available in printed format in English, French and German. Copies of the Green Paper in all EU languages are also available online at:


Social Agenda 24 -Promoting Roma inclusion: the way forward  (30/06/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-09-024-EN-C

Issue 24 of Social Agenda focuses on the situation of Roma in the EU and on the most effective ways to promote their inclusion in society. It also examines the need to improve and adapt the skills of Europe’s workforce to respond to future job market demands. The issue looks at the social costs of the economic crisis and introduces the European Progress Microfinance Facility, aimed at those who wish to start or expand a small business. The magazine also reports on European citizens' perceptions of gender equality and on the achievements of the European social dialogue. It is available in English, French and German.


Joint Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2010  (28/06/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-AK-10-001-EN-C

The Joint Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2010 covers a range of areas including social inclusion policy, housing, healthcare, the impact of the economic crisis on pension systems and governance. It examines the social situation in EU27 before and in the economic and financial crisis and looks at Member States initial responses and preparations made for recovery. The report also includes country profiles on homelessness and housing exclusion for each EU Member State. This publication is available in printed format in English only.


Particuliere pensioenregelingen - Hun belang voor toereikende en betaalbare pensioenen  (15/04/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-32-10-215-NL-N

De hervormingen aan de pensioenstelsels zijn voortdurend gaande. De lidstaten staan voor het probleem van de vergrijzing, dat een aanzienlijke druk legt op de huidige pensioenstelsels. In deze brochure wordt gekeken naar het groeiende belang van particulier beheerde, kapitaalgedekte pensioenregelingen. De brochure is verkrijgbaar in drukvorm in het Engels, Frans en Duits, en in elektronische vorm in alle overige offi ciële talen van de EU.


MISSOC – Mutual Information System on Social Protection in the Member States, the European Economic Area and Switzerland  (01/04/2010)

Catalog N. : KE-30-09-241-EN-C

The purpose of the present publication is to explain MISSOC and its outputs. The publication contains examples and extracts of information to illustrate the different types of information developed and published by the Mutual Information System on Social Protection. The examples date from January 1st 2008. For up-to-date information the publication refers to . This publication will soon be available in printed format in English, French and German.


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