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Three tools to facilitate online job matching throughout Europe: ESCO, EURES, Match & Map  (09/12/2010)

Catalog N. :KE-31-10-454-EN-C

The online tools ESCO, Match & Map and the improved EURES portal were created with the aim of improving and facilitating skills matching and increasing the efficiency with which jobseekers will find vacancies and employers will find candidates. This publication serves as an introduction to these three online matching tools developed by the European Commission. It is available in printed format in English, French and German.


EURES: the story so far - Matching jobs and skills in Europe for 15 years  (15/10/2009)

Catalog N. :KE-78-09-629-EN-J

EURES offers information, advice and job placement services to citizens of the EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, and also monitors the labour market situation in and across these countries. This book marks the work and staff of EURES, launched in 1994, on the occasion of the service’s 15th anniversary. It tracks the legislative steps that led to the creation of the service and offers a retrospective portrayal of the network’s members and achievements over its history, before examining the potential topics with which the service may deal in the future. This publication is available in printed format in English, French and German.


"You will hear from us …" What you should know when applying for a job in another EEA country  (17/07/2009)

Catalog N. :KE-78-09-628-EN-C

Free movement of people is one of the key tenants of the EU. This guide provides citizens with the most important information they need to know when applying and interviewing for a job in a different EEA country so they can take full advantage of their right to live and work abroad. In addition, this guide tells people about the European employment service EURES and the assistance it can provide during an international job search.This publication is available in printed format in all EU official languages as well as in Icelandic and Norwegian.


New skills for new jobs - Anticipating and matching labour market and skills needs  (20/04/2009)

Catalog N. :KE-81-09-570-EN-C

The Communication New Skills for New Jobs: Anticipating and matching labour market and skills needs outlines an initial evaluation of the future needs of the EU with regard to skills and jobs up to 2020. This initiative has two goals: to help make sure that there is a sufficient match between skills and the needs of the employment market, and to improve Member States’ ability to evaluate and anticipate the skills needs of their citizens and businesses. Targeted at the informed public – in particular stakeholders – this publication presents the full Communication, together with additional information explaining the context and providing further details. The publication is available in English, French and German.


EURES - THE European Jobs Network  (07/10/2008)

Catalog N. :KE-81-08-417-EN-C, ISBN 978-92-79-10123-6

This information leaflet is available in all the official languages of the European Union. For english, there is a re-edition.


Finding a job in Europe - a guide for jobseekers  (07/10/2008)

Catalog N. :KE-80-07-165-EN-C, ISBN 978-92-79-07224-6

The European Union's Principle of Free Movement of Workers means that you can get a job in any country of the EU, as well as in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (also known as the EEA countries) and Switzerland. This practical guide is available in all the official languages of the EU.