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Please note that some publications might only be available in English, French and German.

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Finding a job in Europe - a guide for jobseekers  (07/10/2008)

Kataloški br. :KE-80-07-165-EN-C, ISBN 978-92-79-07224-6

The European Union's Principle of Free Movement of Workers means that you can get a job in any country of the EU, as well as in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (also known as the EEA countries) and Switzerland. This practical guide is available in all the official languages of the EU.


EURES - THE European Jobs Network  (07/10/2008)

Kataloški br. :KE-81-08-417-EN-C, ISBN 978-92-79-10123-6

This information leaflet is available in all the official languages of the European Union. For english, there is a re-edition.


Business card - Eures  (18/01/2008)

Kataloški br. :KE-80-07-170-EN-J


Postcard - Eures  (16/01/2008)

Kataloški br. :KE-80-07-168-OA-J


Poster - Eures  (16/01/2008)

Kataloški br. :KE-80-07-169-OA-P


Europeans on the move – Portraits of 31 mobile workers  (18/09/2006)

Kataloški br. :KE-76-06-115-EN-C, ISBN 92-79-02275-X

The purpose of this book, which is published during the European Year of Workers' mobility is to highlight the experience of mobile workers. It aims, through the collection of 31 stories, to show what mobility means for the individuals concerned and to encourage other Europeans to engage in a mobility experience at least once in their working life. It is available in English, French and German.


Europeans and mobility: first results of an EU-wide survey  (24/05/2006)

Kataloški br. :KE-73-06-970-EN-D; ISBN 92-79-01280-0

Are Europeans ready to seize the opportunities that mobility offers in today's labour market? Are EU citizens aware of their rights and opportunities? Would they move to another region or country to find a job? How often do Europeans change jobs and for what reasons? How do they feel about mobility? These are some of the questions that Eurobarometer asked more than 24,000 EU citizens in September 2005. This leaflets is available in English, French and German.


EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal  (08/05/2006)

Kataloški br. :KE-75-06-453-EN-D

This leaflet describes the EURES portal, the portal to job mobility in Europe with a network of specialist advisers to back it up. It provides information, advice and job-matching services – allowing jobseekers to find work and employers to recruit across 29 European countries. It is available in all 20 official languages of the European Union.


Social Agenda No. 12 - European Year to promote workers' mobility 2006  (02/03/2006)

Kataloški br. :KE-AF-05-012-EN-C, ISSN 1682-7783

This issue of the magazine is mainly about the European Year of workers' mobility 2006. Further themes are among other things the revision of the EU working time directive and the EU's jobs and growth strategy. The magazine is available in English, French and German.