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Two youngsters looking at a laptop 04/05/2012

Youth entrepreneurship versus youth unemployment - Policy Brief on Youth Entrepreneurship

What role can youth entrepreneurship play in meeting the current youth unemployment challenge? What barriers do young people face when starting a business? How do the challenges vary across different groups of young people? – The Policy Brief on Youth Entrepreneurship, prepared by OECD with the financial support of the European Commission, tries to provide answers to these questions.

Group of people with hands raised 19/04/2012

Public consultation: Quality Framework for Traineeships

The European Commission has launched a public consultation concerning the 'Quality Framework for Traineeships'.

People waiting in line 18/04/2012

Commission presents new measures and identifies key opportunities for EU job-rich recovery

With EU unemployment hitting record levels and forecasts of a grim economic outlook for the months ahead, the Commission has come forward with a set of concrete measures to boost jobs.

People putting their hands together 17/04/2012

'We Mean Business': Commission launches campaign to boost work placements

The European Commission launched the 'We Mean Business' campaign, which aims to encourage companies to create more trainee placements to boost young people's skills and employability.

Young people 20/12/2011

EU calls for immediate action to drive down youth unemployment

The new "Youth Opportunities Initiative", adopted by the Commission, calls on Member States to work on preventing early school leaving; helping youngsters develop skills relevant to the labour market; ensuring work experience and on-the-job training and helping young people find a first good job.

Youth@Work information session on entrepreneurship - Budapest 30/09/2011

Youth@Work events for young jobseekers across the EU this autumn

Innovative information sessions for young people looking for work are being organised at job fairs during 2011-2012 as part of the Youth@Work action.

Information stands in the Berlaymont building 30/09/2011

European Job Days 2011

The 5th edition of the Brussels European Job Day will take palace on 1 October 2011 in the Berlaymont building, the European Commission's headquarters.

Win free tickets to the Couleur Café festival in Brussels with Youth on the Move Treasure Hunt! 15/06/2011

Win free tickets to the Couleur Café festival in Brussels with Youth on the Move Treasure Hunt!

If you like to ‘move’, where better to go than the Couleur Café festival.Bringing together bands from across the world in Brussels, it’s one of Europe’s most eclectic music festivals.

Poster: Youth on the Move 13/05/2011

Half of young Europeans ready to work abroad

According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, 53% of young people in Europe are willing or keen to work in another European country, but lack of cash discourages many of them from taking a first step towards this by spending part of their education abroad.

New action to create jobs and boost entrepreneurship in the EU 02/05/2011

New action to create jobs and boost entrepreneurship in the EU

Today one in five young Europeans cannot find a job. To tackle the problem, the European Commission has launched Youth@Work, a new action that links business and young people.

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