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Mother and son cooking together 26/10/2011

Commission requests Italy to pay family benefits to cross-border workers

The European Commission has requested Italy to comply with its obligations under EU law to pay certain family allowances given by the region of Trentino-Alto Adige and the province of Bolzano to people working there but living in Austria.

Pensioner in front of a computer with a bank card 26/10/2011

Commission requests Greece to end obligation for Greek pensioners to maintain Greek bank accounts

The European Commission has requested Greece to end its practice of requiring foreign workers benefiting from a Greek old-age pension to open and keep a bank account at the National Bank of Greece S.A. (NBG).

Enclosed house 29/09/2011

Commission requests United Kingdom to end discrimination of EU nationals residing in the UK regarding their rights to specific social benefits

EU nationals who habitually reside in the UK are subject to the so-called 'right to reside' test to qualify for certain social security benefits. As this test indirectly discriminates non-UK nationals coming from other EU Member States it contravenes EU law.

Senior woman using credit card and laptop 29/09/2011

Commission requests Slovakia to end discrimination in calculating migrant workers’ pensions

The European Commission has requested the Slovak authorities to end discriminatory practices in determining the level of certain social security benefits, namely that of old-age pensions.

Person with a rolling suitcase 25/07/2011

Social security coverage is fundamental for mobile EU citizens, Court of Justice reaffirms

The Court of Justice of the European Union in its judgment in Case C-503/09 (Lucy Stewart) confirmed the fundamental status of EU citizenship and its rights, in particular the freedom to move and reside in another EU country, as well as the right to social security coverage.

Swimmer on the beach 16/06/2011

Travel safely – carry your health card

Free European Health Insurance Card eases access to medical care in 27 EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Health: Commission launches 3rd Journalist Prize 30/03/2011

Health: Commission launches 3rd Journalist Prize

On 30 March 2011 registration opened for the 3rd EU Health Prize for Journalists.

Old couple 16/02/2011

Commission takes Spain to the European Court of Justice for discriminating EU pensioners

The Commission has decided to take Spain to the European Court of Justice for refusing EU pensioners access to free medication while temporarily residing in Spain

People waiting in line in a social security office 16/02/2011

Commission takes Belgium to the EU Court of Justice for discrimination

Some 200 non-Belgian European citizens who worked in the Belgian Congo or Ruanda-Urundi and contributed to the Belgian social security system do not enjoy the same social rights as their Belgian colleagues.

New campaign on social security coordination: Europe is your playground 10/11/2010

New campaign on social security coordination: Europe is your playground

The European Commission is launching an EU-wide information campaign to ensure that people are aware of their social security rights when living, working, studying, travelling or retiring in other EU countries.

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