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Working in another EU country

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A woman being handed a document 26/09/2013

Commission refers Belgium to Court for discriminatory access to local public sector jobs

The European Commission has decided to refer Belgium to the EU's Court of Justice because of discriminatory conditions for candidates wishing to work in the local public sector in the French and German speaking regions, as well as the Brussels region, and who have not followed education in Dutch, French or German.

Person with luggage 26/09/2013

Commission refers Cyprus to Court for discriminating against former Cypriot civil servants working in other Member States

The European Commission has decided to refer Cyprus to the EU's Court of Justice for applying discriminatory conditions to the pension rights and unpaid leave rights of former Cypriot civil servants working in another Member State.

Diagram with a compass and several different icons 05/08/2013

Social Agenda explains how to overcome obstacles to working in another EU country

Although it is against the law since 1968, discrimination of EU workers working in another EU country on the basis of nationality is still not properly addressed in practice.

The legs of a man and a suitcase in an airport 08/07/2013

EU-funded project: ESOPO – Social Europe Opportunities

The INCA France, supported by the European Commission, carried out a project aimed at assessing migrant workers' grade of understanding of EU law in terms of social security coordination.

Meeting room at the Council 19/06/2013

Employment and Social Policy Council on 20 June

The EU's Council of Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs (EPSCO) Ministers will meet on 20-21 June in Luxembourg under the Irish EU Presidency.

Nurse putting loading car trunk with suitcases 27/05/2013

EU-funded project: Transnational Exchanges on Social Security in Europe (TESSE)

INCA CGIL in Brussels carried out TESSE, a transnational pilot project aiming at bolstering the exchange of best practices in the field of free movement, taking into account the entry into force of new EC Regulations 883/2004 and 987/2009.

Border control 29/04/2013

EU-funded project: Improving information for commuters in European border regions

The Association of European Border Regions has completed a project to improve access to effective information by cross-border workers in Europe.

A man working on a train 26/04/2013

Commission proposes to improve application of workers' rights to free movement

The European Commission has proposed measures to ensure the better application of EU law on the right of EU citizens to work in another Member State.

A man with a carry-on suitcase 21/12/2012

Commission authorises Spain to extend existing temporary restrictions on Romanian workers

The European Commission has approved a request from the Spanish authorities made on 13 December 2012 to extend the temporary restriction on access for Romanian workers to the Spanish labour market until 31 December 2013 due to serious disturbances on its labour market.

Council meeting room 03/10/2012

Council of Employment and Social Policy Ministers – 4 October 2012

The EU's Council of Employment and Social Policy Ministers will meet on 4 October in Luxembourg under the chairmanship of Ms Sotiroula Charalambous, Cyprus' Minister for Labour and Social Insurance.

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