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Skurdas ir socialinė atskirtis

  • 12/09/2007

    Joint Report on social protection and social inclusion 2007

    This second joint report on social protection and social inclusion examines the first ever integrated national strategies on social inclusion, pensions, healthcare and long-term care. It reviews the main trends across the EU and at national level. The report includes country profiles identifying the key challenges in each Member State. It is available in English only.

  • 24/07/2007

    Measuring homelessness in Europe

    Commissioned by DG Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission in December 2005, this research builds upon the recommendations of the study carried out in 2003 by the French statistical institute (INSEE) on behalf of Eurostat. This report provides tools to improve the knowledge of homelessness and housing deprivation.

  • 13/03/2007

    Darnesnė visuomenė stipresnei Europai

    ES socialinės apsaugos ir socialinės įtraukties procesu Europos Sąjunga koordinuoja ir skatina valstybių narių veiksmus kovojant su skurdu ir socialine atskirtimi bei vykdant socialinių apsaugos sistemų reformas politikos mainų ir abipusio mokymosi pagrindu. Šis procesas sutvirtina Sąjungos strateginio tikslo siekti tvaraus ekonominio augimo, daugiau ir geresnių darbo vietų bei didesnės socialinės sanglaudos iki 2010 m. įgyvendinimą.

  • 04/08/2006

    Joint Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2006

    This second Joint Report on social protection and social inclusion responds directly to the challenge of the Hampton Court Summit and of Lisbon, and builds on the 2003 Communication "Strenghtening the social dimension of the Lisbon strategy: Streamlining open coordination in the field of social protection". It is available in English only.