Cosán nascleanúna

Foilseacháin ghaolmhara

  • 23/06/2017

    Analytical webnote 1/2017: wage distribution spill-overs from minimum wage increases in France

    This note analyses the impact of an increase in the minimum wage in France on the overall wage distribution for the period 2007 to 2012. It is based on EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, a unique source that contains detailed information on income, poverty, social exclusion and living conditions.

  • 14/06/2017

    Bottleneck occupations 2016

    'Bottleneck vacancies’ refers to vacancies for occupations which are considered to be in short supply. They are found not only in high-skilled occupations, such as IT, scientific, engineering or medical professionals, but also in skilled and low-skilled manual occupations. The first mainly arise from skills deficits, but the latter are more due to recruitment and retention problems related to working conditions and pay. The study compares shortage and surplus occupations, based on data from the Public Employment Services of the EU, Norway and Iceland, and the Labour Force Survey.


  • 07/06/2017

    European guide for risk prevention in small fishing vessels

    This guide is designed to prevent risk for small fishing vessels and those working on them, so that both the vessels and their crews return safe and sound after a trip. Given that these vessels account for about 80% of the EU’s entire fishing fleet and that fatalities, injuries and lost vessels are at unacceptable levels, this guide is critical in preventing risks and protecting the wider fishing communities. The different modules in the guide focus on key areas, notably the vessel, the crew, fishing operations, real case events, risk assessment and additional information such as flotation devices, stability, first aid, work equipment and emergency drills. A glossary along with illustrations, photos and charts serve to highlight the important points in the guide, making it an extremely user-friendly reference.

  • 23/05/2017

    Cén tairbhe is féidir liomsa a bhaint as? Gníomhaíocht AE ar fhostaíocht, gnóthaí sóisialta agus cuimsiú

    Téann gníomhartha an AE maidir le fostaíocht, cúrsaí sóisialta, agus cuimsiú i bhfeidhm ar gach aon saoránach ina s(h)aol laethúil: cabhrú le fiontraithe nua, tacú le daoine óga post a aimsiú, déanamh cinnte go mbíonn cúram sláinte éigeandála saor in aisce ar fáil agat agus tú thar lear, agus go leor eile. Léigh conas mar a bhain Nina, Tomasz, Jeanne agus Daniel leas as tacaíocht ón AE agus faigh amach faoi na deiseanna atá ar fáil duit féin.


    Tá an foilseachán seo le fáil i dteangacha ar fad an AE i bhformáid cló agus ar líne araon.

  • 18/05/2017

    Boosting social enterprise development - Good practice compendium

    Social enterprises are long-standing agents of inclusive growth and democratisation of the economic and social spheres, and they have proved resilient to economic adversity all the while addressing socio-economic challenges in innovative ways, re-integrating people back to the labour market, and contributing to overall social cohesion. This compendium derives policy lessons for boosting social enterprises from the analysis of 20 initiatives in several EU member-countries, covering a range of policy areas from legal frameworks, finance, market access, and support structures, to education and skills.

    This publication is only available in electronic format in English. German and French versions will follow.