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The Youth Guarantee - First Successes - The Youth Guarantee on the Ground  (20/05/2015)

Catalog N. : KE-04-15-325-EN-N

In response to the growing number of unemployed youth and those not in employment, education or training (NEETs), the Council adopted the Recommendation on the establishment of a Youth Guarantee (YG) on the 22nd April 2013. With this Recommendation, all Member States committed to ensure all those up to 25 years old would receive a quality offer of employment, education, training or apprenticeship within 4 months of becoming unemployed or leaving school. This publication summarizes developments of the Youth Guarantee across the EU.

This publication is available only in electronic format in English, French and German. (French and German coming soon)


Наградата „Достъпен град“ за 2015 г. Примери за добри практики за подобряване на достъпността на градовете в ЕС  (13/05/2015)

Catalog N. : KE-BL-15-001-BG-N

Стартът на схемата за наградата „Достъпен град“ бе даден през 2010 г.
с цел повишаване на достъпността в градската среда за увеличаващия се
брой по-възрастни и хора с увреждания от населението на Европа.

Оттогава насам всяка година за наградата кандидатстват градове от цяла
Европа, всеки със страст и отдаденост да подобри достъпността за своите
граждани и посетители.


Ръководство за търсещи работа и работодатели 2015  (09/05/2015)

Catalog N. : KE-04-14-955-BG-N

„Твоята първа работа с EURES“ е инициатива, финансирана от ЕС, която:
• помага на млади европейци да намират възможности за работа, стажуване или чиракуване в друга
държава от ЕС, ЕАСТ/ЕИП
• помага на МСП и други работодатели да получат достъп до по-широк набор от талантливи хора.
Практическо ръководство, което обхваща…
• изискванията за допустимост и как да кандидатствате;
• как да получите ориентирана към работата и финансова помощ;
• къде да намерите допълнителна информация.
Започни да търсиш твоята първа работа с EURES днес!

Настоящата публикация се предлага в електронен формат само на официалните езици на
ЕС и на исландски и норвежки език.


Monitoring good practices in the areas of employment, social affairs and inclusion - Report 2  (08/05/2015)

Catalog N. : KE-BK-14-002-EN-N

The European Commission finances projects enabling national, regional and local administrations, social and economic partners and other organisations to exchange good practices in the fields of employment, working conditions, social inclusion and social protection. To facilitate the dissemination of the achieved results this report reviews good practice examples of projects supported by the Community Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity — Progress in the years 2011 – 2012. This report is available in English and online only, with abstracts in English, French and German.

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Policy Brief on Sustaining Self-employment - Entrepreneurial Activities in Europe  (08/05/2015)

This policy brief was produced by the OECD and the European Commission on sustaining entrepreneurship activities by entrepreneurs in under-represented and disadvantaged groups. It provides evidence on business survival for entrepreneurs from groups that are under-represented or disadvantaged in the labour market and discusses the obstacles that reduce the chances of survival for these businesses. Policy makers can take action to increase the chances of survival for these businesses, including providing training to boost business management skills, providing coaching and mentoring, facilitating access to finance and provide business development services.
This policy brief is part of a series of documents produced by the OECD and the European Commission on inclusive entrepreneurship. The series includes policy briefs on youth entrepreneurship, senior entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, evaluation of inclusive entrepreneurship programmes, access to business start-up finance for inclusive entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship by the disabled as a well as a report on ‘The Missing Entrepreneurs’. All these documents are available in English, French and German. They are available at http://www.oecd.org/cfe/leed/inclusive-entrepreneurship.htm


The Active Ageing Index and its extension to the regional level  (05/05/2015)

Catalog N. : KE-BF-15-004-EN-N

The Peer Review “The Active Ageing Index and its extension to the regional level” (Poland, 15-16 October 2014) focused on the usefulness of the Active Ageing Index in terms of policy making. This report summarises the key issues discussed during the Peer Review as well as the lessons learned. It is available in electronic format in English, French, German and Polish.


Interim evaluation of the European progress microfinance facility  (05/05/2015)

Catalog N. : KE-01-15-336-EN-N

The evaluation serves as an interim evaluation of the European Progress Microfinance Facility, which aims to increase access to finance for microentrepreneurs, including the self-employed. It has a particular focus on, but is not restricted to, groups with limited access to the conventional credit market, such as female entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs belonging to a minority group, entrepreneurs with a disability, etc.

This publication is available only in electronic format in EN.


Pre-retirement saving and the extension of working life - A model based assessment of the impact of low interest rates - Working paper 02/2015  (30/04/2015)

Catalog N. : KE-EW-15-002-EN-N

During the aftermath of the financial crisis, certain paradoxical trends have emerged in Europe. Firstly, despite the context of economic adjustment and restructuring, the employment rate of older workers has increased in most countries, and secondly, saving rates have remained remarkably resilient to the interest rate squeeze pursued by central banks as an economic stimulus. The question arises, whether lower interest rates effectively discourage or rather encourage saving among older workers, or even constitute an incentive to work longer, in case their saving strategy aims at maintaining a standard of living after retirement. The working paper adresses this issue through a model based approach.


Quality of Public Administration - A Toolbox for Practitioners  (22/04/2015)

Catalog N. : KE-02-15-267-EN-C

The quality of its institutions, both governmental and judicial, is a key determining factor for a country's economic and societal well-being. Administrative capacity is increasingly recognised as a pre-requisite for delivering the EU’s treaty obligations and objectives, such as creating sustainable growth and jobs. The EU supports Member States’ administrations through the European Semester process and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). The Toolbox aims to support, guide and encourage those who want to build public administrations that will create prosperous, fair and resilient societies. It is intended as a reference and resource, not a prescription or a panacea, by signposting readers to existing EU policies and international practices, illustrated by almost 170 inspirational case studies.

This abridged version of the Toolbox (the full e-version will be published soon at http://ec.europa.eu/esf/toolbox) sets the scene for readers, lays out principles and values of good governance, summarises the seven thematic chapters (policy-making, ethics and anti-corruption, institutions, service delivery, business environment, justice systems and public finance management), and sets out some considerations for managing the ESIF’s thematic objective 11.

This publication is available in printed format in English.