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Mario Galea hands out the Senior of the Year Award 2012 in Malta

12/11/2012 Mario Galea hands out the Senior of the Year Award 2012 in Malta

"The Senior of the Year Award is an opportunity to change the image we have of ageing and to celebrate the values carried by seniors which serve as a model to us all”, said Mario Galea, Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly and Community Care, during Malta's Senior of the Year Award ceremony on 13 October in Mosta.

Mr. Galea added that older people are experiencing a radical change, in regards to technology for example, and emphasised that seniors not only have a lot of stories to tell, but can also be a real inspiration to the community, such as Lina Borckdorff, who got her Masters degree in her late seventies; Toni Saliba, 74 years old, who works an active volunteer with the Civil Protection; and Pawlu Saliba, who turned his farm into a laboratory and succeeded in saving the Maltese cow with Prof. Mark Brincat.

The Senior of the Year Award 2012, now in its 19th edition, was awarded to Francis Xavier Giorgio, for his voluntary work and dedication to the youth of Sliema, a shining example of active ageing and solidarity between generations. Mr Giorgio has worked hard to set up a meeting place and take care of the maintenance of Villa Skinas and its grounds, where Catholic Action youth meetings are held. Besides organising mass every first week of the month, Mr Giorgio also coordinates social events for the youngsters. 

Rose Casapinta received the Special Award. Having worked for twenty years in Sri Lanka, 10 years in the Congo, and 8 years in Tripoli, she has always dedicated her energy to the sick. In Malta, Mrs Casapinta worked as a nursing tutor at St Luke's Hospital, and opened the Nursing Home of the Sisters of the Franciscan Mission of Mary.