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European social partners of the graphical industry launch social dialogue committee

08/05/2013 European social partners of the graphical industry launch social dialogue committee

The 42nd sectoral social dialogue committee, covering the graphical industry, held its inaugural meeting on 8 May 2013 in Brussels.

The committee brings together Intergraf (the European employers' organisation) and UNI Europa Graphical (the European workers' organisation) who represent a sector which currently employs some 700.000 workers across the EU.

The graphical industry is part of the manufacturing industries, producing newspapers, books, periodicals, business forms, greeting cards, identification documents and other printed materials. In recent years, printing companies have enlarged their scope of activities to include value added services such as database management for clients and the production of e-documents or websites.

The main challenges for the sector – leading to job losses and structural overcapacity – are:

  • the rise of internet as a source of information and advertising
  • the drop in the number of people reading newspapers and magazines
  • globalised competition.

The committee's work programme for the next years (2013-2015) reflects the commitment of the social partners to address these challenges jointly, covering topics such as:

  • the technological, social and economic situation and trends of the sector
  • socially responsible restructuring
  • development of skills in light of the changing needs of the business.

European sectoral social dialogue committees are forums for consultations on European policies. They are also tools for autonomous social dialogue among the European social partners who may develop joint actions and conduct negotiations on issues of common interest, thereby contributing directly to shaping EU labour legislation and policies.

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