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Compendium of public CSR policies in the EU 2011

06/04/2011 Compendium of public CSR policies in the EU 2011

The newly updated Compendium of public policies on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the EU offers a snapshot of CSR activity in EU countries.

Grouped by themes it covers the full range of today's issues, including:

  • human rights
  • reporting and disclosure
  • climate change
  •  issues affecting small businesses
  • socially-responsible investment
  • education
  • public procurement

The Compendium also covers the different kinds of tools used by national governments to encourage CSR:

  • legislation
  • economic and financial incentives
  • awareness-raising
  • multi-stakeholder engagement
  • "hybrid" instruments (a combination of the above).

The Compendium is richly illustrated with examples and includes an index of initiatives by country and links to relevant national websites.

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