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Želeli bi vas opozoriti, da so razdelki Novice, Prispevki in Dogodki trenutno na voljo samo v angleškem, francoskem in nemškem jeziku.


Peer Review: Minimum Wage

The Peer Review focused on methods to determine and adapt national minimum wage levels while limiting negative impacts on employment or the economy.

Peer Review on ‘Emplois d’avenir’ – ‘Jobs for the future’ scheme 10/02/2014

Peer Review on ‘Emplois d’avenir’ – ‘Jobs for the future’ scheme

Fifty representatives from eight Member States gathered in Paris on 10 - 11 February to discuss how to help young people re-enter employment, education or training.


Youth unemployment: how to prevent and tackle it?

This Peer Review discussed the Dutch approach for the prevention of youth unemployment with a particular focus on how to provide high quality education that addresses labour market needs and regional approaches to reduce early school leaving and tackling youth unemployment.

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