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Peer review on Performance Management in Public Employment Services

06/03/2013 Peer review on Performance Management in Public Employment Services

Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen (AMS) in Denmark will host this peer review from 21-22 March in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Representatives from the PES in Austria, Belgium (VDAB), Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK will attend.

The peer review aims to identify and explore good practice in the field of Performance Management in PES. It is part of 'PES to PES Dialogue', the European Commission’s mutual learning support programme for public employment services (PESs). The peer review will build on the findings from an analytical paper and a workshop on the same topic which were prepared under the PES to PES Dialogue programme in 2012.

The peer review will collect views on how PES can:

  1. Strike the appropriate balance between national and regional-level coordination and local-level autonomy for performance management
  2. Effectively build continuous improvement and learning into performance management systems, including bottom-up approaches
  3. Use information from performance management in order to make the ‘business case’ for PES vis-à-vis their ministries, social partners and other stakeholders.