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Implementing the new framework for European Works Councils

30/08/2011 Implementing the new framework for European Works Councils

European Works Councils are now to be established and operate within the new framework of Directive 2009/38/EC through its implementing provisions in the EU countries.

The national laws have been adapted to incorporate the directive's provisions and are now available online, also with English translation.

European Works Councils are bodies representing the European employees of a company. Through them, workers are informed and consulted at transnational level by management on the progress of the business and any significant decision that could affect them.

The right to establish European Works Councils applies to companies with 1000 or more employees, including at least 150 in two or more EU or EEA (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) countries since 1994.

The new rules of Directive 2009/38/EC took effect on 6 June 2011.

A leaflet presenting the New Rules for European Works Councils is available in all EU languages.