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Impact of mobile EU citizens on national social security systems

Impact of mobile EU citizens on national social security systems

According to a study just published by the European Commission in most EU countries, EU citizens from other Member States use welfare benefits no more intensively than the host country's nationals. Mobile EU citizens are less likely to receive disability and unemployment benefits in most countries studied.

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EU-funded project: ESOPO – Social Europe Opportunities

08/07/2013 EU-funded project: ESOPO – Social Europe Opportunities

The INCA France, supported by the European Commission, carried out a project aimed at assessing migrant workers' grade of understanding of EU law in terms of social security coordination.

Through a targeted survey, expatriates had the chance to express their understanding of the application of EU legislation in the field of labour rights, especially about occupational diseases and safety in the workplace.

According to the conclusions of the project, in spite of the extensive legislation on these matters, migrant workers in the EU, particularly those coming from non-EU countries, are often in the dark about their rights.

EU Regulations on the coordination of social security schemes represent the legal framework for migrant workers willing to settle in another EU country. The survey carried out in the framework of the project showed that the lack of knowledge and the complexity of these rules are likely to discourage people from moving.

One of the conclusions of the project was that a better dissemination of information together with an enhanced cooperation between civil society organisations and institutions are the key for the improvement of labour mobility.

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