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EU measures to tackle youth unemployment


Záruky pre mladých

The European Commission has published a memo with details on the EU measures taken so far to tackle youth unemployment.

5.6 million young people were unemployed in the EU-28 area in September 2013. This represents an unemployment rate of 23.5% (24.1% in the euro area).

More than one in five young Europeans on the labour market cannot find a job; in Greece and Spain it is one in two.

What is the EU doing?

The situation is clearly unacceptable: this is why the Commission has been working with Member States to tackle youth unemployment.

The memo contains comprehensive and detailed information on the EU measures taken so far, in particolar on the Youth Guarantee and its implementation, as well as on the support to the initiative by the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative.

It also covers other important topics such as the Action Teams set up in February 2012 with the eight Member States with the (at the time) highest levels of youth unemployment, the Country Specific Recommendations for 2013, the importance of transitions from school to work, labour mobility and the ESF support for young people.

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