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Generations@school opens up dialogue between generations in Polish schools

27/04/2012 Generations@school opens up dialogue between generations in Polish schools

A fruitful dialogue between generations took place in the meeting of Generations@school on 23rd April in Warsaw, Poland, attended by the Minister of Education Krystyna Szumilas, and Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, Minister of Labour and Social Policy, as well as other senior citizens such as Grazyna Rabsztyn, Henry Sowinski, Paul Elsztein and Col. Marian Zmuda.

During the meeting, the Minister of Education declared that "in an atmosphere of solidarity between generations, it is much easier to learn from the experience of elders". The Minister of Labour and Social Policy further added that solidarity is a two-way path, and that this way "seniors will learn technology  and young people will learn from their life experience".

Lifelong experiences from all walks of life and exciting professions were shared during the event by the elderly and the young audience. Grazyna Rabsztyn, athlete and triple Olympian, declared that joining the elite club of 60+ has been a lesson and a learning process while Paul Elsztein, aerospace engineer, said that he writes every day because he wants to train his brain like an athlete trains his body. Marian Zmuda, who began running after her retirement, admitted to feeling fascinated by sport; she is now preparing a trip to the mountains in Ukraine!

This was not the only event associated with the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations: on 29th April, a contest will be organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, titled "Grandma and Grandpa: My Idea of Free Time", where participants from primary schools, secondary and high schools will be encouraged to write a story, an essay or a comic book about what they think they will be doing in the future. All details and rules of the contest are available here. Winning entries will be published on the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy website.

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