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Finland celebrates 'Get Involved!' event to promote the European Year 2012

29/03/2012 Finland celebrates 'Get Involved!' event to promote the European Year 2012

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health organised the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations “Get Involved!” event on March 28th in Helsinki.

The event, which took place at the Eurooppasali building, was opened by the Minister of Health and Social Services, Maria Guzenina-Richardson, who shared with the audience some examples of daily life where different generations live and work together.

Eikka Kosonen, Head of the European Commission Representation, and Anneli Leppänen, from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, explained the goals and the importance of the theme year.

“In many ways Finland is a pioneer in active ageing” said professor Leppänen. “We have had a lot of projects, researches and initiatives long before the theme year”.

A panel discussion analysed the reasons and motivations of seniors to continue working after retirement and how employers can support them. ”I wanted to continue working because I just love my work!” said Eila Torp, a panellist and a nurse.

Associations and organizations explained their projects related to active ageing and solidarity between generations.

“Get Involved!” included a meeting place where visitors could discover ways to participate and contribute to the goals of the European Year 2012. The Senior Dancers taught the visitors dances which fit for everyone and the audience also enjoyed a lecture of poems by Anna-Liisa Rekola.

The event was an extension of the official launch of the European Year in Finland, which took place on March 6th in Helsinki during the Horisontti Seminar.

Pictures available here.