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Germany launches a new strategy on demography

Germany launches a new strategy on demography © BMI | Hans-Joachim M. Rickel

The German government approved on April 25th a new strategy on demography called "Jedes Alter zählt" (Every age counts).

The strategy, presented by the Federal Minister of Interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich, includes proposals on how Germany can take advantage of future opportunities and the potential of demographic change in order to secure long-term growth and prosperity.

This new cross-departmental strategy focuses on six areas, those where the impact of demographic change will be noticed most immediately and most strongly:

  • Family strengthening as a community
  • Motivated, qualified and healthy working
  • Independent living in old age
  • Quality of life in rural areas and integrated urban policy
  • Sustainable growth and prosperity
  • Governance and public finance

The strategy includes specific goals and measures to show the achievements in these areas. Actions will not only involve the federal government, but also provinces and municipalities, associations, social partners and other stakeholders.

To create the conditions for a successful cooperation, the federal government will initiate a broad dialogue process and create specific working groups.

One day prior to the approval of the plan by the ministers, Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the “Jedes Alter zählt” strategy with leaders from cities and towns across Germany, academics and elderly care experts during a major demography conference at the Chancellery in Berlin.

"This issue demands our greatest attention" she said, pointing out that “the really goods news is that we are living longer and staying healthy longer and can stay active as we age.".

The complete “Jedes Alter zählt” document may be downloaded here