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The Federal Minister of Family Affairs opens the EY2012 in Germany

08/02/2012 The Federal Minister of Family Affairs opens the EY2012 in Germany

Federal Minister of Family Affairs Kristina Schröder launched on February 6th in Berlin the European Year on Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity 2012 in Germany.

More than 250 participants attended the event to discuss the challenges and opportunities of demographic change for the elderly and the cohesion of society.

"With active ageing one cannot start soon enough. We must stop thinking that there is a ‘we’ and the ‘elderly’. The new ‘we’ has no age limit”, remarked the minister. “‘We’ are those who want to shape the society and have responsibility, those who want to help and need help”.

“Active ageing means to design ones live in own responsibility and thereby to combine family responsibilities with professional responsibility and civic engagement. We must give people the opportunity!”, said Kristina Schröder.

Throughout the year, 46 projects all over Germany will deepen the focus in the areas and objectives of the EY2012.

Topics include the participation of older people in work and civil society, reducing age-related stereotypes, improving the quality of life of the elder and solidarity between generations.

The projects will help to perceive appropriately the potential of older people as a productive asset for societies. Efficiency, creativity and innovation do not disappear beyond mid-life.

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs has allocated 890,000 euros for the successful implementation of the European Year 2012 national activities in Germany. All the information referring to the national programme is available at the website

Some of the participants in the dbb Forum event were interviewed and shared their message about the EY2012 (in German):

  • Kristina Schröder, Federal Minister of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth  Interview
  • Petra Crone, Member of the German Parliament - Interview 1Interview 2
  • Ursula Lehr, Chairman of BAGSO (German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations)Interview 1 and Interview 2
  • Beatrix Behrens, Federal Employment Agency (Nuremberg) - Interview
  • Gerhard Naegele, Institute of Gerontology at the University of Dortmund - Interview
  • Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello, Honorary Professor at the Institute of Psychology in Bern (Switzerland) - Interview 1Interview 2
  • Petra-Angela Ahrens, Institute of Social Sciences EKD -  Interview
  • Albrecht Broemme, President of the Technology Fund  - Interview
  • Frank Burkhard, Chamber of Mannheim. Association Rhein-Neckar  “Demographics Week”  Interview
  • Horst Pfarb, DGB Seniorenkreis Saxony - Interview
  • Ulrich Streicher, BAfZA - Interview
  • Käte Tresenreuter, Sozialwerk Berlin e.V. - Interview
  • Wolfgang Wähnke, Bertelsmann Foundation - Interview

Pictures are available here.


Update 02.08.12: A full report summarising the event may be downloaded here.