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Information and consultation at work: Commission evaluates EU rules

26/07/2013 Information and consultation at work: Commission evaluates EU rules

The European Commission has released the results of an evaluation to identify excessive burdens, overlaps, gaps or inconsistencies which may have appeared since the adoption of three EU Directives regarding information and consultation of workers.

The policy evaluation, also known as "fitness check", focuses on the collective redundancies Directive, the transfers of undertakings Directive and the Directive establishing a general framework relating to information and consultation of workers in the EC.

The report finds that the three EU Directives are generally relevant, effective, coherent and mutually reinforcing. The benefits they generate are likely to outweigh the costs.

The evaluation also brings to light a number of shortcomings in:

  • Scope: a significant share of the workforce is not covered by the provisions, due to the exclusion of small businesses, of public administration and of seafarers.
  • Aplication: there is room for improvement particularly in countries with less-developed traditions by:
    • promoting an information and consultation culture among social partners,
    • strengthening institutions,
    • promoting agreements on information and consultation,
    • disseminating good practices and raising awareness,
    • ensuring enforcement.

The 'fitness check' takes the form of a Staff Working Document, which sets out a number of possible responses to the shortcomings of the Directives, on the basis of good practice of meaningful social dialogue at different levels and by different actors.