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The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing is looking for new partners

The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing is looking for new partners © Zanetta Hardy |

The European Commission has opened the Invitation for Commitment to the Action Plans of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. It is done in order to further strengthen and extend the critical mass working to transform the delivery of care to ageing citizens, building upon the initial progress and momentum generated by the Partnership.

The Invitation for Commitment, open until 15 February 2013, is available to all European stakeholders who seek to focus on the Action Plans and implement transformative solutions in the delivery of care to Europe's growing number of ageing citizens.

The process largely follows the same steps as the first Invitation for Commitment launched in May 2012. Prospective new members are invited to express their commitment, a measurable and concrete engagement in support of a specific Action Plan. They will also have to indicate to which thematic area and which deliverables they would work towards and what is their concrete contribution. They can do so either by joining existing commitment, or targeting and filling a thematic or geographical gap.

The initial Invitation for Commitment was launched upon the adoption of the Commission Communication on the EIP's Strategic Implementation Plan (29th February 2012) and closed on 3 June May 2012.

Further to the invitation for Commitment, six Action Groups were formed, made up of universities and research groups, public authorities, health providers, industry, non-governmental organizations representing citizens, older people and patients, and others.

The Action Groups include 261 commitments, by over 3,000 stakeholders from all Member States, and the Action Plans aim to improve the quality of life of four million European senior citizens between now and 2015.

The six Action Plans address the following areas:

  • Prescription adherence. Ensuring that patients follow their prescriptions: new approaches to prescription adherence for various chronic diseases in at least 30 EU regions.
  • Fall prevention. Launching and scaling-up programmes for fall prevention and early diagnosis in at least 10 European countries by 2015.
  • Frailty and malnutrition. A program for the prevention of functional decline and frailty among the elderly that will reach at least 1,000 care providers by 2015.
  • Integrated care. Deploying, in more than 20 regions, programmes for chronic disease management and integrated care that meet the needs of older persons and enhance system efficiency.
  • Independent living. Improving the uptake of interoperable solutions for independent living that enable people to live independently for longer by providing for social contacts, alarm functionalities, and various household services.
  • Age-friendly environments. Implementing innovative age-friendly practices at regional and local level, and fostering physical /environmental innovation and practice, including the use of ICT, whilst also promoting a campaign for a covenant of major cities, regions, and municipalities.

For further details about the EIPAHA Invitation for Commitment please visit this webpage.