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Commission proposes best practices to reduce the social impact of restructuring

13/12/2013 Commission proposes best practices to reduce the social impact of restructuring

Best practices for anticipating company restructuring and minimising their impact on workers and social conditions have been outlined today by the European Commission in the form of an EU Quality Framework for anticipation of Change and Restructuring.

The guidelines in the Quality Framework are based on real experiences of companies and are outlined in individual fiches addressed to the various stakeholders involved: employers, employees, trade unions, social partners and national and regional authorities. The measures cover both actions to anticipate restructuring (to be developed on permanent basis) and management of specific restructuring processes.

The Commission urges EU countries to support and promote the implementation of the Quality Framework, and to consider applying it to public sector employees. It also calls on all stakeholders to cooperate on the basis of these guidelines.

Specific measures include:

  • Strategic long-term monitoring of market developments
  • Continuous mapping of jobs and skills needs
  • Measures for individual employees such as training, career counselling and assistance to facilitate professional transitions
  • Involvement of external actors at an early stage, such as public authorities, university, training centres and supply chain
  • Making full use of EU Structural Funds like the European Social Fund and the European Globalisation adjustment Fund in the concerned regions, in order to promote job creation and inclusive transitions.

The Commission will monitor the application of the Quality Framework and report by 2016 on whether further action is necessary in this area, including a possible legislative proposal. The European Parliament will be informed of the results of this review.

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