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Success stories of the European Year for Active Ageing 2012 at the Romanian closing event

29/11/2012 Success stories of the European Year for Active Ageing 2012 at the Romanian closing event

The closing event of the European Year for Active Ageing 2012 in Romania on 27-28 November, organised by the Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection, regrouped all the players involved in the area of intergenerational exchange.

In a warm atmosphere, the event consisted of initiatives and examples of good practice implemented during the European Year at national level. Mariana Câmpeanu, Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection, opened discussions and welcomed questions related to national policies surrounding the social integration of elder groups. Liviu Cocoș, Mayor of Predeal (host city of the final EY2012 event), thanked participants for their involvement in active ageing and intergenerational solidarity issues.

Denisa Oana Pătraşcu, State Secretary of Labour, Family and Social Assistance, together with Iulia Șerban, Information and Communication Officer at the EC Representation in Romania and Vasile Bejan, Counsellor of the Brașov Country Prefect highlighted the involvement of local and national authorities in the European Year for Acting Ageing 2012.

Preda Nedelcu, President of the National Council of Older People and Octav Bjoza, President of the ex-Political Detainees Association proved that age is just a question of attitude, as their natural age didn’t reflect their social one, being young at heart. They hoped that younger generations would follow in their footsteps.

One of the most controversial examples of success stories that raised many questions from the audience was the “Social Restaurant”, an initiative of ASSOC Baia-Mare which employs 15 people who can no longer be involved in the labour market.

Carmen Manu, National Coordinator of the European Year 2012, moderated the meeting and presented the balance of the year, highlighting that the majority of projects started in 2012 would be continued in the future, due to their positive impact and the enthusiastic welcome they received from civil society.


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