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Bavaria awards the first seals of quality to senior-friendly sports clubs

Bavaria awards the first seals of quality to senior-friendly sports clubs © StMAS

Bavaria's Minister of Social Affairs, Christine Haderthauer, awarded on June 11th 2012 the first “Senior-friendly gymnastics and sports clubs” seals of quality to seven athletic facilities throughout the state.

"Physical and mental fitness are the foundation for a healthy ageing", said the Minister during an official ceremony in Munich. Haderthauer welcomed and encouraged the holistic approach adopted by these seven pioneering Bavarian sports and fitness clubs, which not only offer special fitness programmes for older people under professional supervision, but also work in partnership with nursing homes, doctors and church communities to improve seniors’ nutrition and social life.

The President of the Bavarian Gymnastics Federation, Alfons Hölzl, said he is convinced that soon many other facilities will implement this age-friendly strategy and receive this Seniorenfreundlicher Turn- und Sportverein certificate of quality.

To receive the seal, clubs must have regular fitness programmes for older people with specific exercises to prevent common elderly ailments such as osteoporosis or falls.

The Bavarian Gymnastics Federation comprises approximately 3,200 clubs, and about 16 percent of their members are over 61 years old.

The first senior-friendly sports facilities with the quality seal in Bavaria are: ESV München-Ost, TV Dingolfing, SV Obertraubling, MTV Bamberg, TV 1879 Hilpoltstein, TG 1877 Veitshöchheim and VfL Buchloe.