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EU calls for comments on PROGRESS programme

11/01/2010 EU calls for comments on PROGRESS programme

Progress is the EU’s employment and social solidarity programme, set up to provide financial support for the attainment of the European Union’s objectives in employment, social affairs and equal opportunities as set out in the Social Agenda.

In line with the Lisbon Strategy its mission is to support the Member States in delivering more and better jobs and a more cohesive society.

PROGRESS was launched in 2007 and will run until 2013. This single programme replaces the four previous ones which ended in 2006, in a move to rationalise and streamline EU funding. It supports policy development and its delivery in five separate, yet closely interlinked, policy sections:

  • Employment,
  • Social protection and social inclusion,
  • Working conditions,
  • Anti-discrimination and
  • Gender equality. 

PROGRESS is strongly committed to results-based management, which is the continuous measurement of the programme’s achievements towards its objectives, reporting and taking action to fine-tune the programme in order to improve its performance. The performance monitoring framework relies on a variety of monitoring information sources, among them - a special survey of those who directly or indirectly benefit from the programme.

This Internet-based survey has been designed to collect data on the performance of the programme in 2009. It is executed on behalf of the Commission by the external contractor (Public Policy and Management Institute). 

You are kindly invited to contribute to this performance monitoring process by filling an online questionnaire (see related links). Please note that it should take approximately 15 minutes to complete this questionnaire. Your responses to this survey will be confidential to the external contractor and will not be divulged to anyone. 

We are grateful in advance for your commitment and collaboration! Your contribution will provide us with useful feedback and help us to ensure that EU social policy remains on course. 


Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities,

European Commission