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Senior citizens and children participate in the Cork Production Stories Awards

02/07/2012 Senior citizens and children participate in the Cork Production Stories Awards

CORCHACÇAO is a transborder project between Spain and Portugal whose aim is to promote the development of frontier zones between both countries by boosting the competitiveness of cork production companies.

In the context of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations, the Corchacçao Territory (consisting of Extremadura in Spain and Alentejo in Portugal) launched a Cork Production Stories contest on the 12 April, which invited participants to pair up in teams composed of one senior citizen, whose role was to pass on a story related to the local cork tradition, technique and philosophy in regards to nature and sustainable resources, and one child, whose role it was to tell the story in a medium of his/her choice.

In the light of bringing younger generations closer to the territory's cork producing traditions, and boosting positive relations between generations, the Cork Production Stories award ceremony on the 24 May was attended by over 200 people, composed of 8-12 year old children, their families and older members of the community, as well as representatives of the Territorio Corchacçao, The European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, and ADISANVI, (The San Vicente de Alcántara Association for the Disabled). In total,120 pieces were entered into the competition in different formats: crafts, writings, videos, and photography. The winners were three young students from the town of San Vicente de Alcántara in Spain, the capital of Cork production.

The first prize was awarded to Alvaro Gonzalez Rivero, from the Pedro Villalonga Public School, for a piece entitled "La Jatera", a model of a traditional cork production hut set in a meadow, made of clay and natural components. Lúcia González Gómez won 2nd prize with a video featuring her grandparents speaking of the first half of the last century, their life experience and traditional customs. Third place was awarded to Alba Manso Sanchez, for a piece entitled “La Poderosa” (The Mighty) - an album conbining texts and images about the history and significance of the territory's cork production, passed on from one generation to the next.